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Benefits of Asset Tracking Software for Returnable Containers

December 2, 2021 by Admin

Losing containers or failing to replace damaged and aging assets can result in lost business, unhappy customers, costly delays, and downtime.

Asset management is hugely important in the modern marketplace – and with costs rising, there has never been a better time to embrace these tools and technologies.


Asset Management Keeps You in Control of Your Containers

For most TrackAbout users, it's about asset utilization – managing inventories and knowing where they’ve been and how long they’ve been there.

Returnable containers are expensive to replace and should be looked after. If assets go astray or become unusable, there can be significant repercussions to your business.

Asset management is about being able to better use what you already own, maintain their value, and optimize your processes. Companies throughout the gas and chemical industries also rely on our application as an important part of their maintenance programs and to help resolve disputes.


TrackAbout Can Help You:

  • Know where your assets are located – with date, timestamp, and GPS coordinates.

  • Identify how long they’ve been sitting idle in a specific location.

  • Quickly resolve customer disputes so you don’t damage relationships and potentially lose future business.

  • Save time spent searching for available inventory to meet an order.

  • Reduce the number of lost assets and therefore avoid replacement costs.

  • Minimize paperwork and improve efficiency.

  • Hold people accountable for your assets as they move along the workflow.

  • Know when assets are due for scheduled maintenance so you can make plans well in advance.


It takes a lot of hard work to find customers, so why risk losing them?

Mistakes happen but by digitizing the delivery process, issues can quickly be resolved or avoided entirely. We put the processes in place to catch mistakes before they escalate, so you no longer have to make compromises or absorb losses.

Perhaps containers were lost in transit or weren’t returned? What if customers claim a delivery was never received or an order was incomplete?

Checks, balances, and GPS coordinates show exactly where and when product was delivered and returned. Scanned signatures prove who received it, while photos can be added to the system to capture any damage.

Effective asset management means you don’t need to waste time and effort arguing back and forth about whether a container was received or returned. Just a few button clicks provides access to pages of information about the container type and its status, contents, and current location – and reports can quickly be generated and shared.

TrackAbout lets you monitor the entire shipping process from beginning to end, providing detailed oversight of these valuable assets.


Asset Tracking Software Gains Popularity

In the gas industry, we estimate that fewer than 50% of the distributors in the U.S. are currently using asset tracking. But times are changing and many are starting to realize the many benefits – particularly as our asset management software integrates seamlessly with all leading ERP applications.

No matter your needs, we offer various modules to make things simpler – whether that’s being able to use your smart phone to scan, monitor rental bills, or use the Customer Tracking Portal so your customers can move and manage their assets internally.

In fact, many of our customers have seen significant savings and efficiency improvements within a matter of months – and actually boost their bottom line!

Our data shows that we can help reduce administration, improve efficiencies, and cut costs. Based on annual results for 25,000 cylinders, a typical user:


  • Needs to buy fewer assets because of improved utilization, saving around $75,000.

  • Avoids billing mistakes on an average of 4% of its deliveries, totaling about $24,000.

  • Increases rental balances by an average of 8%, amounting to $45,000.

  • Cuts time resolving disputes with customers, saving approximately $15,000.

  • Reduces theft by $7,500.

  • Wins $45,000 of new business.


With over 20 years of experience in asset management, our tools can optimize your processes, help you keep better control of your containers and cylinders, and ultimately save you money.

With tight margins, high running costs, and efficiency and productivity pressures, can your business really afford not to use an application like TrackAbout?


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