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Easily locate, deliver and maintain returnable assets using cloud-based software with advanced reporting insights and a mobile app supporting convenient data collection in the field. The Tracking module is the core of the TrackAbout system and works to help businesses track their entire fleet of containers, cylinders and equipment, accessing their environmental impact through a cradle-to-grave analysis while collecting actionable data to inform smart business decisions.

A streamlined Software as a Service (SaaS model) removes the costly administrative and IT maintenance burdens of a comprehensive tracking program, letting technology handle the hard work and taking your asset management to the next level. Effortlessly collect data at every touchpoint in the supply chain from delivery to maintenance, combat common field challenges and find ways to recover revenue from rentals and everyday processes.

Tracking Current Inventory
Tracking Current Inventory
Quick Map
Quick Map

Access Real-Time Asset Insights

Track assets with unique barcode technology or RFID tags, inputting data through rugged handheld scanners, smartphones, tablets and a robust web interface that replaces paper-based processes with complete digital transformation.

  • Save on replacement costs of lost or forgotten items
  • Know how many assets you have, where they are and what condition they're in
  • Instantly manage rentals and calculate revenue
  • Manage compliance and medical traceability
  • Keep track of asset maintenance and warranties
  • Capture delivery information with e-signatures, timestamps and GPS coordinates
  • Automatically correct data errors and protect data integrity
  • Recover from missing scans and duplicate serial numbers

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