How We Track

Trying to Understand How Our Asset Tracking Works?

Asset tracking doesn’t have to be complicated. Our tracking methods are designed to ensure you can find something that fits your business.

Our asset tracking systems are:

  • Flexible enough to fit your business
  • Powerful and intuitive
  • Designed to seamlessly integrate into your business
  • Backed by high quality support

Asset tracking is a critical part of your business. That’s why we provide a variety of solutions with our asset management software. In this way, we can ensure you’ll find something that perfectly suits your business. Whether it’s barcode scanning, RFID scanning, or eliminating paperwork, we have the tools and flexibility to fit your organization.

Smartphone Scanning

One of the most inherently flexible modules we offer is smartphone scanning. Many older systems use rugged scanners to manage their inventory. However, there are many problems posed by using this method.

First of all, rugged scanners are expensive. By using smartphones, there is zero unnecessary cost incurred. Historically, the cost of scanners meant that not every employee had one. With our smartphone solution, your entire workforce now has the ability to scan.

Another benefit is that this solution works on a variety of platforms. This means that whatever type of device your employees prefer to use, they can get the job done.

Barcode Scanning

Barcode scanning is the best fit for the majority of organizations. They are efficient and quick to use. This is because you can simply attach a barcode to a new item, scan it, and it’s entered into the database. As a result of this, you can very quickly scale your tracking system upwards as you grow.

One of the primary benefits associated with barcode scanning is the reduced cost. Barcodes are extremely cheap to print and attach, so for many low value inventory items they are the perfect solution.

They are also extremely versatile and work well for most sizes of tracked package. They also are less prone to human error than some other solutions. This is because an employee can simply scan existing inventory one by one, or for new inventory attach a new barcode and scan it into the system.

Another reason organizations may wish to use barcodes is because they are brandable. Other solutions lack the ability to be modified visually in any way. By adding your branding to barcodes, you can further reinforce your company in the mind of your consumers.

RFID Tracking

RFID is a great solution for inventory that is scanned in a controlled environment inside your own locations. While it is more expensive, it makes up for that by being able to read multiple objects at once. This means you can spend less time scanning your inventory,

Furthermore, it doesn’t require line of sight. This makes it a great asset management software for things that may be stacked together, such as pallets. It can also scan at a distance. Overall RFID tracking is a great solution for situations where a fixed reader can scan your assets as they pass by it.

GPS Tracking

While relatively niche in comparison to RFID and Barcode scanning, GPS tracking does have some uses for which it excels. It is a completely passive system. This means you need no staff to manage your inventory, you’ll be able to quickly and accurately tell where all of your product is. Due to the cost of GPS tracking, it is best suited to inventory that is high in value, such as trucks. TrackAbout does not offer passive GPS tags, but does partner with a company who does. TrackAbout also collects GPS readings every time one of your people scan an asset with a mobile device.


About half of our customers get great value out of our tracking system without doing any integration to their business system. For those that are looking for integration, we’ve worked to develop standard, out of the box integration for a few business solutions. In addition, we also provide comprehensive documentation to give your organization the tools it needs to internally integrate any business system with our software.

We’ve designed our solution to be flexible enough to work for you, regardless of what you need. Whether you’re tracking many low value items, or a few high cost assets, our platform is perfectly suited to helping you get back to your business. By providing tailored solutions for your unique needs, we’ve ensured that your staff can have a solution that works perfectly for them.

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