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TrackAbout Mobile

Leverage TrackAbout’s powerful cloud-based software to digitize manual, paper-based processes.

Empower a more efficient mobile workforce with an app that enables easy customer auditing, offline data saving, straightforward proof of deliveries and asset history. Compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, RFID scanners and rugged handhelds, TrackAbout Mobile collects the data you need to track your containers at every touchpoint in their circular lifecycle. Simply scan the tag you have affixed to each asset to start capturing data and managing your assets.


Key Features

Powerful User-Centric Tools

Empower your entire workforce with customizable tools that fuel simple and reliable data collection in the field, online or off.

Key Features

Built-In Scanning

Utilize rapid, continuous barcode scanning to increase efficiency and speed up order fulfillment

Full Web Integration

Asset data collected on the go with TrackAbout Mobile is automatically updated in TrackAbout Web

Real-Time Asset Management

Search for assets, perform actions on them, view their history and add new assets to your account

Proof of Delivery

Perform deliveries and pickups, complete electronic signatures and asset scans and record GPS coordinates, photos and timestamps

Mobile Actions

Execute pre-built action workflows, such as maintenance, inspection and testing, directly from a mobile device

Workflow Customization

Customize dynamic pre-built workflows with additional screens to meet process requirements and replace your paper forms with electronic forms on your mobile devices to meet process requirements

Works Offline

Allow your workforce to keep working even when out of range of the local Wi-Fi or cellular tower

More Information

TrackAbout Mobile users can collect data in the field by scanning containers using smartphones, rugged Android scanners or tablets. With your business’s budget and field preferences in mind, we can recommend the right combination of hardware for your use case. System setup is as easy as downloading the free TrackAbout Mobile app from Google Play or the Apple App Store and logging in with a TrackAbout username and password. User permissions can also be established when configuring TrackAbout Mobile to control app screens and buttons. This ensures users access only what they need to perform their role, preventing drivers, for example, from decommissioning assets.

With scanning no longer restricted to expensive equipment, TrackAbout Mobile can empower your entire workforce to quickly collect information on returnable containers using familiar, modern devices. This technology lets you move to what our customers call a “you touch it, you scan it” policy, which promotes tracking efficiency and greater ROI for container rental initiatives. TrackAbout Mobile offers businesses a wealth of insights on their returnable containers, including asset GPS coordinates, activity timestamps and delivery information from photos and e-signatures. Users can also easily type notes when working in the field or dictate them with speech-to-text available on most smart devices.

The TrackAbout Mobile app uses a relatively small amount of network data to operate, but it is designed from the ground up to function as a reliable tool for industrial use regardless of good Wi-Fi or cellular service. Its offline mode restricts very few features so teams in the field can still accomplish their work without hassle. TrackAbout Mobile’s advanced recovery abilities also prevent data loss in the rare event of the app crashing, which is extremely valuable when scanning assets during inventory or customer auditing. When the app starts up after a crash, it will prompt the user to resume without issue using the data it has saved throughout the transaction.

One of the most important elements of a successful tracking system is simple, stress-free data collection. In their personal lives, most people prefer apps with clean designs and uncomplicated user interfaces. The TrackAbout Mobile app possesses these same qualities and makes it easy to customize features for unique business processes. Our team will get to know your business and its everyday operations and then tailor the app to match, helping your employees get up to speed quickly with your tracking program.



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