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TrackAbout Web

Leverage TrackAbout’s powerful cloud-based software to digitize manual, paper-based processes.

There are two key components to TrackAbout’s complete solution for returnable container tracking: a cloud-based website and a mobile application. Data collected using TrackAbout Mobile is sent securely to TrackAbout Web for processing, integration and reporting. TrackAbout Web is delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) using Microsoft Azure, meaning our team hosts and manages a secure website for you, accessible from any browser with internet connection; no computer server is required. This ensures up-to-date versions, faster system speeds, less downtime and better customer support.

Use TrackAbout Web to answer questions like:

  • Who filled the most containers today?
  • When can I find empty containers to fill this order?
  • Where are containers sitting idle in my business or at customer locations?
  • Which customers consistently return assets I have delivered to other customers?
  • Did the scanned quantities on today’s orders match the expected ship and return quantities?
  • If there was a problem with a lot or batch, where can I find these containers to recall them?

Key Features

Complete Container Visibility

Go beyond data collection with an intuitive web-based interface for reviewing asset details, producing reports and streamlining your container tracking program.

Data Intake

Gather and clean data captured in TrackAbout Mobile for strategic data analysis efforts

Asset Management

Report on assets and activity and see maps of recent asset scan locations

Customer Management

View proof of delivery and customer rental bills, audits and balances

System Configuration

Easily set up and control TrackAbout and its integration with other systems

Data Security

Keep asset details safe with a system that encrypts all data both at rest and in transit

More Information

The hub of your TrackAbout solution, TrackAbout Web is where our experts will set up and maintain your tracking program and where business managers will come to better understand your returnable container processes. Any and all changes can be made through the TrackAbout Web interface, from adjusting workflows to adding new vendors for rental equipment. User permissions can also be established to configure screen views and options for specific roles and promote data security.

Behind the scenes, TrackAbout Web is a complex and intuitive system that operates on specialized rules to customize its features to your business. Despite its comprehensive nature, it maintains a straightforward user interface that is easy for all of your team members to navigate on a daily basis. TrackAbout Web is typically accessed on a computer with a full-sized monitor and keyboard to allow advanced activities that go beyond data collection, such as filtering data through custom views, reviewing maps of asset locations, producing reports for process optimization and resolving issues live with administrator tools.

Most TrackAbout users take advantage of TrackAbout Mobile for data collection in the field, which sends data to TrackAbout Web for processing, integration and reporting. To manage millions of containers and enable daily communication with thousands of mobile devices, TrackAbout Web was designed to be a fast and efficient system capable of integrating with other tools, such as Datacor ERP, and scaling rapidly to support global projects of any size. Although many of our customers use TrackAbout without added integrations, TrackAbout Web has built-in features that make it easy to quickly verify and align system data with business records, as well as special integrations for a variety of business systems.

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Because we have been optimizing our solutions for more than two decades, TrackAbout Web comes with many, if not all, of the returnable container reports you will need to manage your tracking program. However, each business is unique, so TrackAbout can create additional customized reports that can be automated through the online interface or delivered to your team on a schedule. Our OpenData program also allows direct data access for businesses with in-house technical resources who prefer to write their own database queries.



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