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Data Capture

Leverage TrackAbout’s powerful cloud-based software to digitize manual, paper-based processes.

An important part of any initiative to better manage returnable containers is capturing data about those assets. At minimum, this means knowing when containers are delivered or returned to customers, but there’s still a lot more information that can make this knowledge complete. The data collection possible with TrackAbout can also help update proof-of-delivery records, maintenance records, production records, compliance paperwork and more.

Each data capture technique has advantages and disadvantages, as well as varying costs and levels of complexity. In most cases, our clients use simple and affordable barcodes paired with customized forms running in TrackAbout Mobile.


Key Features

Diverse Data Collection

TrackAbout supports many mechanisms for capturing data in the field. Our team will get to know your unique project requirements and budget to help you to decide on the right data capture strategy for your business.

Data Collection Methods

Manual data entry into customizable electronic forms

Barcode Scans

RFID Tag Reads

Data feeds from GPS tracking tags

Data feeds from various Internet of Things (IOT) devices

Integration from other business systems


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