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Delivery with Integrated Order Sync

Paper-based deliveries involve manual data entry processes that are time consuming, prone to errors and costly to manage. TrackAbout’s Delivery with Integrated Order Sync module alleviates these pain points by allowing drivers and dock workers to record customer deliveries without the need for paper delivery tickets. With TrackAbout’s mobile app, professionals in the field have all necessary delivery information readily available, including order numbers, customer names, addresses, delivery notes and asset quantities and types.

Proof of Delivery
Proof of Delivery
Proof of Delivery
Proof of Delivery

Boost Delivery Capabilities

Improve internal delivery management and equip teams with mobile devices and a flexible system that makes it easy to provide exceptional customer service.

  • Import orders from existing business systems including delivery notes
  • Allocate orders to specific trips and routes to manage fleet efficiency
  • Compare a truck’s load to the orders for that truck when used with the Truck Reconciliation and Manifest module
  • Call a customer or link to the driving directions app with one-tap on your mobile device
  • Perform bulk deliveries of products by weight or volume
  • Enable drivers to work without an internet connection
  • Print full delivery receipts including ordered vs delivered products
  • Integrate completed deliveries back to business systems like Datacor ERP for faster invoicing

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