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Learn how TrackAbout order management software can help you

TrackAbout Follow-On Tracking® grants your customers controlled Internet access to your TrackAbout system so they can track and view information for assets at their location(s). With your permission, they additionally can have the ability to move assets internally within locations throughout their facility.

It’s likely that some of your customers use a time-consuming process to track assets at their facility. Commonly, this is a manual procedure that requires people to write down asset types and tracking numbers for deliveries and returns. Later, this information is keyed into a spreadsheet or database which is vulnerable to human error. Accounting issues are common as assets often are relocated to different departments within the company. As a result, auditing can be a nightmare. Follow-On Tracking enables you and your customers to have a single, unified view of account information by electronically sharing the asset data in automated asset tracking systems. Your customers gain a higher degree of visibility and control over asset data, enabling them to manage and monitor assets proactively and improve overall efficiency. You will know the location of your assets within the customer site, which is important when managing recalls or performing a customer audit. With Follow-On Tracking you provide a value-added service that differentiates your business and drives a competitive advantage.

Customer Self Service

Customer Self Service

Follow-On Tracking gives your customers instant access to essential asset information. Users can quickly and easily obtain a proof of delivery, confirm asset balances, view transaction histories, look up certificates of analysis and lot numbers, identify expiring assets and move assets between locations. Customers don’t have to wait for your response to their request, and you save time responding to phone calls, emails and faxes.

Audit Trail

The TrackAbout customer asset management maintains a complete audit trail for each asset. Follow-On Tracking allows part of this information to be shared between you and your customers. This helps to resolve discrepancies as they arise and builds trust to create stronger relationships with your customers.

Safety and Compliance

Follow-On Tracking aids in complying with regulatory requirements by keeping a real-time inventory of hazardous materials. Customers can generate hazardous materials reports and print certificates of analysis with ease. In the event of an emergency, knowing the whereabouts of dangerous substances is vital to a safe response. Emergency responders can receive a password to access hazardous materials data online from anywhere. And insurance companies can verify that liability for hazardous materials is being managed effectively at the facility.

A Unique Sales Tool

It’s not hard for customers to understand the value that an automated tracking system offers. Follow-On Tracking can be an effective tool for keeping existing customers and winning new accounts. You provide exceptional service by extending advanced tracking capabilities that can help customers improve efficiency and reduce costs. In turn, you benefit from strong relationships built through improved trust and customer loyalty.

Functions and Features

Simple Configuration

  • Easy-to-use, intuitive interface for website and mobile applications
  • Set up customers through the TrackAbout application website as needed
  • Customers can set up users and manage their own logins

Dual-Level User Account Levels

  • Viewer Level
    • View information about assets and deliveries
    • Manage internal users and their permissions
  • Tracker Level
    • View information about assets and deliveries
    • Manage internal users and their permissions
    • Create internal inventory locations
    • Move assets between locations via the application website, mobile computers or smart phone
    • Distributor and Follow-On Tracking user can maintain user accounts

Access Asset Data

  • Proof of delivery with signatures and timestamps
  • Asset balances
  • Days each barcoded asset has been onsite
  • Certificates of analysis
  • Lot numbers
  • Expiration dates
  • Situations where assets were returned from the wrong account/department

Optional Permission for Customers to Move Assets

  • Between locations, buildings, departments, rooms, etc.
  • Via the application website or using their own handheld mobile device


  • Customers can see only their own information
  • Individual, password-protected account for each user
  • Set permissions according to location or department
  • SSL encryption for all transactions


  • Microsoft® Windows® CE / Microsoft® Windows® Mobile / Android / iOS
  • No server software to install or maintain with software as a service (SaaS) model
  • Guaranteed 99% uptime, excluding regularly scheduled maintenance times
  • System backup every 15 minutes
  • Operates on rugged handheld scanning devices, smartphones and tablets