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Tracking Technology used by TrackAbout

TrackAbout tracks the entire lifecycle of returnable goods

Asset tracking software built for the real world

TrackAbout focuses on helping businesses track returnable assets. These assets are anything that you deliver and eventually pick back up. We found that the key to success was to make asset tracking software easy to use, and to make it smart enough to deal with mistakes that happen in the real world.

Forgot to scan an asset when dropping it off at a customer? TrackAbout will figure that out and correct it during pick-up. Have trouble managing asset maintenance? TrackAbout asset tracking solutions take care of this and keep your company in compliance.

The flexibility you need in an asset tracking

We built our tracking system to help you tackle your tracking-related problems. You need different systems for your different assets – our system is powerful enough to help you track your most important assets, whether they’re beer kegs or medical equipment. We can help you track the way you want to.

Make your life easier with TrackAbout

Asset tracking management shouldn’t make your life complicated. That’s why we designed our asset tracking system to integrate smoothly with the programs you’re already using. Choose from our asset tracking management apps to find the perfect solution for each asset.

How TrackAbout Asset Tracking Software works

There are three parts to TrackAbout’s solution:

  • A barcode or RFID tag on each asset
  • An app for mobile devices to do data collection in the field
  • A website where you view reports and setup the system

It all begins by tagging your assets. Register each of your assets in TrackAbout in a few short steps.

asset tracking software asset tracking software

Explore all the features of TrackAbout

How do I know if TrackAbout is right for my company?

Do you have returnable assets?

Then you’re in the right place.

Learn if TrackAbout is right for you

Assets we track

TrackAbout works for industries that need to track the movement of returnable or reusable assets. These assets are usually physically spread out over many locations and/or customers so it’s important that they are tracked and losses are kept to a minimum. After using asset tracking software, our clients quickly realize that the system pays for itself.

Most of the assets we track have a circular lifecycle. They are delivered to a customer, then returned, are prepared to be used again and might have maintenance performed before being delivered to the next customer. The “customer” could be an internal location or a separate company. Some of our clients also must calculate rent for these assets. We designed our specialized asset tracking software to increase our clients’ efficiency, accuracy, visibility, validation and accountability.
Scroll down for examples of the different industries we work with.

Click on an asset type to learn more about the how TrackAbout’s asset tracking software helps to keep track of different types of equipment.

Gas Cylinder Tracking
Gas Cylinder Tracking
IBC Tote Tracking
IBC Tote Tracking
Medical Equipment Tracking
Medical Equipment Tracking
Beer Keg Tracking
Beer Keg Tracking
Roll-Off Container Tracking
Roll-Off Container Tracking
Tools & Equipment Tracking
Tools & Equipment Tracking

TrackAbout Features

Learn about the advanced features of our cloud-based software that allows you to prevent lost or stolen assets. You can track your items from the palm of your hand using your smartphone. Our software allows you to:

  • Import your assets in bulk or one by one.
  • Track your assets to and from their point of origin.
  • Plan for future maintenance and track the maintenance performed on your assets.
  • Manage rental rates and create bills (if needed).
  • Much more.

How We Track

We’ve designed our system to be flexible enough to work with a wide variety business types (as outlined above). We’ve designed the software to be intuitive, while being able to seamlessly integrate into your business. To service clients who operate in a variety industries, we track their assets multiple ways. These include:

Smartphone scanning

Rugged Scanners




Check out our case studies to learn more about the benefits of our software, how we track, and how we can help you put a stop to losing money on your assets.

Learn how our customers are saving time and money

asset tracking system

Learn how Colonial Chemical Solutions uses TrackAbout to keep in compliance with a number of regulations without the hassle of paperwork.

asset track

Learn how Ground Penetrating Radar Systems uses TrackAbout to get equipment on the job site as fast as possible.

TrackAbout is a system both our people and our customers believe in, and we think it will keep paying big dividends down the road.

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