asset tracking system

Learn how Colonial Chemical Solutions uses TrackAbout to keep in compliance with a number of regulations without the hassle of paperwork.

asset track

Learn how Ground Penetrating Radar Systems uses TrackAbout to get equipment on the job site as fast as possible.


Indiana Oxygen takes control of their Asset Universe

"TrackAbout represents the ability for companies like Indiana Oxygen to have a bit of freedom as far as the type of ERP system they use. Your ability to integrate with other systems is a strength."

Butler Gas - Real-time production dashboards

In late 2018, Butler Gas came to TrackAbout with an idea for a real-time production dashboard that shows how many cylinders have been filled so far that day.

Pakistan Oxygen

We recently spoke with Arshad Manzoor, Head of Information Services at Pakistan Oxygen, about some of the challenges they were facing and how TrackAbout is helping them improve their overall business performance

Argyle Welding Supply

Argyle Welding Supply often lacked reliable data to provide accurate billing, resolve customer disputes and account for the assets they managed. The company struggled with these problems until a vendor introduced them to TrackAbout, giving them the confidence to invest in an advanced, cloud-based asset management system.

Bienvivir Senior Health Services

Challenged by falling reimbursements and the rising cost of healthcare, Bienvivir turned to technology to enable employees to spend less time on documentation and more time providing direct care.

Butler Gas

Motivated by an internal goal of achieving 100 percent accuracy while making it easier to consistently provide exceptional customer service, Butler Gas deployed a number of TrackAbout modules, creating a closed-loop system to track the company’s cylinder fleet. As a result, productivity has increased and business continues to grow.

Cee Kay Supply

When Cee Kay Supply sought to improve its cumbersome, error-ridden tracking system, they discovered they also needed to replace their legacy batch-processed ERP system. TrackAbout and TECSYS teamed up to provide the right solution to increase efficiency, productivity and profitability.

General Welding Supply

Prior to implementing an asset tracking software solution General Welding experienced issues familiar to packaged gas distributors such as lost cylinders, rental disputes, billing mistakes and manual errors. A challenge to their operation, they also were a potential threat to customer relationships.


The University of Kansas (KU), a Linweld customer, used a time-consuming, error-prone manual process to track cylinders internally. TrackAbout Follow-On Tracking® enabled Linweld to extend tracking features to KU and provide the university with greater visibility and control in managing the cylinders onsite.

Red Ball Oxygen

Having developed extremely accurate records by utilizing TrackAbout to manage its cylinder fleet, Red Ball Oxygen next focused on ways to improve its rental calculation and billing system. TrackAbout’s Rental module added nearly $200,000 annually to the company’s bottom line.