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October 2023 Release Notes

Oct 10, 2023 11:00:00 AM by J.I.Greco

The October 2023 release adds updates to Bulk Delivery, TrackAbout Web and TrackAbout Mobile 7.




Bulk Delivery


TrackAbout now supports multiple fill types for bulk tanks.

Bulk tanks are often filled with different product depending on logistics demands, customer need, or time of year. But until this release, TrackAbout has been limited to assuming a tank is always filled with same product.

Now, TrackAbout lets you associate the same tank with multiple products, letting you fill the tank with any of the products associated with it and accurately track those fills and deliveries.

Support for multiple products per bulk tank has been integrated into TrackAbout Web and TrackAbout Mobile 7.


TrackAbout Web


  • OptimizationSearch and site optimization continues with another round of under-the-hood improvements designed to improve search speed and overall site performance.
  • Owner Customer — If you fill assets owned by someone other than you or your customer, you now have the option to track who the owner of the asset is.

The Owner Customer option lets you record the name of the owner as a field in the asset's record and generate reports containing the name. The Owner Customer field can be viewed and edited through the Asset History, Asset Search, and Current Inventory reports, as well as accessed directly through the TrackAbout API.

To enable this option, please email 


TrackAbout Mobile 7


  • New Action — TrackAbout Mobile 6's Condemn Assets action is now available on TrackAbout Mobile 7 for your iOS and Android smart device. Condemn Assets lets you mark an asset as condemned.


  • Third Party Fill (Receive from Vendor) — You can now scan to fill in the Purchase Order
  • Asset Search (aka Asset Lookup) — Commas now display properly when displaying decimal numbers for languages that use commas for decimals instead of periods.
  • Custom Actions — Custom actions can now return assets by Lost, Retired, or Junk status in addition to Active


Got questions? Send an email to TrackAbout Support at We'd love to hear from you!


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