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February 2024 Release Notes

Mar 1, 2024 11:15:00 AM by J.I.Greco

The February 2024 release adds updates to TrackAbout Web and TrackAbout Mobile 7.




TrackAbout Web 


  • Mobile Unit Push Notifications  You can now send announcements or other messages to all of your TrackAbout Mobile 7 users through the TrackAbout website. When sent, the message appears as a notification on the user’s Android or iOS device where they have TrackAbout Mobile 7 installed.


Messages can be sent through the new Mobile Units Push Notifications page (TrackAbout Web > Mobile Units).



Contact TrackAbout Support for assistance in turning on this feature.


  • Customers — The Reassign page has a new name, Change Customer Relationships, to better reflect its purpose and use.



  • Documentation — The Help/Wiki link has been renamed Help and now opens the TrackAbout Knowledge Base instead of the deprecated TrackAbout Wiki.



  • Rental — An issue that prevented barcodes of assets with a product code mapped to an empty product code from being shown on rental bills when returned has been fixed.
  • Regular Maintenance — Generic actions that are marked as not verifiable are no longer displayed in results on the Verification page.
  • RentalBracketed Asset Type Specific Rental Rates now calculate correctly when running a rental. 



TrackAbout Mobile 7


  • Print Lot Labels Support has been added to print additional fields.

  • Deliver/ Service You can now print a summary of the payments you collected during the current day using TrackAbout Mobile 7 and a mobile printer.

  • Deliver / Service You can now print an order’s payment notes directly from TrackAbout Mobile 7 with a mobile printer.
  • Scanning A bug that caused an Error 1028 during scan has been squished.


Error 1028: The added data capture modes have conflicting feature requirements and can not be used with the same context at the same time.



Got questions? Send an email to TrackAbout Support at We'd love to hear from you!


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