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December 2021 Release Notes

Jan 20, 2022 11:30:00 AM by Admin

This latest update to the TrackAbout website and apps brings several highly requested TAM6 features to the TAM7 for iOS and Android. This update also includes quality-of-life improvements, added TrackAbout API functionality, and bug fixes. 




Make and Unpack Packs in TAM7 

Vendor Receive / Third Party Fill in TAM7

Remove from Lot / Blowdown in TAM7

Prevent Wrong Customer Returns With the POD Module 

Variable Volume Support With the POD Module

Hindi and Vietnamese Language Support in TAM7

TrackAbout Website Quality-of-Life Improvements

TrackAbout API Additions


Make and Unmake Packs in TAM7

Previously only available in TAM6, you can now make packs (aka Bundle Build) and unmake/dismantle packs using TrackAbout Mobile 7 for iOS and Android smartphones.

With Make Pack (aka Bundle Build), you assign assets to a pack (or bundle), where they are treated as a single group asset with its own product code.

In the previous version of TAM6, if an order was manually entered into the POD module during delivery, the order could not be associated with a trip. This made trip reconciliation difficult as the manually entered order would be orphaned and only viewable using the Verification screen. Now, when an order is manually entered, the driver can now select the trip to which the new order should be assigned.


rn_1 rn_2



Unmake Pack releases the assets in a pack so they can be handled as individual assets again.




To learn more about Make Pack and Unmake Pack, see the TrackAbout Wiki.


Vendor Receive / Third Party Fill in TAM7

TAM6’s Vendor Receive / Third Party Fill feature is now available in TrackAbout Mobile 7 (TAM7).

With Vendor Receive / Third Party Fill, you can record assets received from and/or filled by a third-party, such as vendor-owned assets or assets you’ve sent out for cleaning, filling, or packaging.




To learn more about using Vendor Receive, see the TrackAbout Wiki.


Remove from Lot / Blowdown in TAM7

We’ve added TAM6’s Remove from Lot feature — aka Blow Down — feature to the TAM7 smartphone app.

Remove from Lot lets you remove an asset from a lot simply by scanning the asset, and at the same time capture the reason the asset is being blown down.




For details on how to use Remove from Lot, see the TrackAbout Wiki.


Prevent Wrong Customer Returns with the POD Module

The POD module now helps prevent assets from being returned from the wrong customer by showing drivers a warning on the Asset Entry screen when an asset at one customer scans as a return from a different customer. For more information, please contact TrackAbout Support.


Variable Volume Support With the POD Module

We’ve added support for volume collection to the POD module.

  • Drivers can now enter the delivered volume of variable volume products using the TrackAbout smartphone app (TAM7).




Hindi and Vietnamese Language Support in TAM7

TrackAbout Mobile 7 (TAM7) now supports Hindi and Vietnamese.


TrackAbout Website Quality-of-Life Improvements

  • We’ve added a Record ID column to the Integration Messages page that displays the ID of the record the message is for. You can filter the messages list by the new column and clicking a specific Record ID will open that record’s Record Summary page.




  • We’ve added CollisionAssets columns to the OpenData.CollisionAssets view.

  • Rack Fills - We’ve added support for up to 10% overfills on mixed-type assets by individual product code. Users will get a pop-up warning when they enter an overfill amount but will still be able to save if the asset’s specifications allow for overfills. To learn more about this new functionality, please contact TrackAbout Support.





  • Fixed a bug with the Lot Search page which caused incorrect results to be displayed under a specific combination of lot and location conditions.

  • Trying to reclassify an asset during Sort Trip if the empty product code template uses custom asset information no longer causes an error.

  • Duplicate delivery records are no longer created when two requests come in at the same time.


TrackAbout API Additions

  • You can now save carrier tracking information in delivery records in POST /deliveries and POST/deliveries/interbranch requests with the new carrierInfo element.

  • You can now identify hard goods by name in delivery records, using the hardGoods element’s new productCode {mId} property in POST/deliveries and POST/deliveries/interbranch.

  • You can now set lot number flags when creating a product code through the API.


     Flags that can be set:

  • IsLotNumberRequired

  • IsLotNumberRequiredDuringPick

  • IsLotNumberRequiredDuringLoad

  • IsLotNumberRequiredDuringUnload


    Calls that support setting the flags: 

  • POST/classifications/productCodes

  • POST/classifications/productCodes/batch

  • PATCH/classifications/productcodes/{tid}

  • POST/orders/pending/batch


Got questions? Please contact your TrackAbout Support team at We'd love to hear from you!


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