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April 2023 Release Notes

Apr 26, 2023 10:30:00 AM by J.I.Greco

The April 2023 release adds several new features to both TrackAbout Web and TrackAbout Mobile 7 for iOS and Android.




Not-Scanned Asset Support Added to Customer Audits (TrackAbout Mobile 7) 

Customer Audits on TrackAbout Mobile 7 can now include Not Scanned Assets in addition to scanned assets. 




Not-Scanned assets are only supported when: 

  • Customer Audits is in Online mode 

  • Only a single customer location is being audited

There are three options for how Customer Audits include Not Scanned Assets to choose from: 

  • Customer Audits do not include Not Scanned Assets. 

  • Customer Audits include all Not Scanned Assets. 

  • Customer Audits include Not Scanned Assets that are not in a fully tracked asset family.

Contact TrackAbout Support to change your current option.  


Clear Complaints Using TrackAbout Mobile 7 

You can now clear complaints (aka blocks) on assets in maintenance straight from your smart device using TrackAbout Mobile 7. 

  • Removing a complaint/block on an asset in maintenance clears the asset to be put back into circulation. 

The option to clear complaints/blocks is in TrackAbout Mobile 7's Maintenance action.  

  1. Tap an asset in Maintenance to select it, then tap NEXT to open Maintenance to Perform.

  2. On the Maintenance to Perform screen, tap Clear Complaint/Block in addition to any other action(s). 


  1. Tap NEXT to return to the main Maintenance screen.

  2. On the Maintenance screen, tap NEXT to remove the complaint/block from the asset and exit Maintenance.

New Branch Transfer Verification Options 

We've added new options for how Branch Transfers are verified. 

  • Ignore Both — Deliver and return quantities don't have to match what's in the accounting system and are automatically approved. 
  • Delivers and Returns Match — Transfers are approved only if both deliver and return quantities must match what's in the accounting system. 
  • Delivers Match, Returns Ignored — Transfers are approved only if deliver quantities match what's in the accounting system for approval. Return quantities don't have to match. 
  • Returns Match, Delivers Ignored — Transfers are approved only if return quantities match what's in the accounting system. Deliver quantities don't have to match. 

Interested in changing the option you use? Reach out to TrackAbout Support for assistance.  


Pause Generic Actions 

We've added a new option for actions which can be used to effectively pause generic actions to be completed at a later time or by another person. This can be useful for actions such as Maintenance, where work on an asset may be spread over days and different shifts/departments. For information on using this new option, contact TrackAbout Support. 



  • The Rental Bill Generation Progress bar not displaying correctly in some cases. (TrackAbout Web > Rental > Rental Billing Period Dashboard 

  • Signatures on delivery receipts too small to read when printed on 4-inch printers. 

  • Lot lines on delivery receipts overlapping when printed on 4-inch printers.  


Got questions? Please send an email to your TrackAbout Support team at We'd love to hear from you!


Topics: TrackAbout Mobile 7, Fixes, Generic Actions, Branch Transfer Verification