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Unleash TrackAbout’s Scanning Potential Through Your Smartphone

December 16, 2021 by Admin

Anyone who has ever had to log hundreds of containers or cylinders after a delivery will know only too well just how quick and easy the task is with a handheld laser scanner. Problem is, these devices tend to cost thousands of dollars each – making it impractical and expensive to provide one for each of your employees.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could give everybody access to a powerful scanning device without all that expense?

Thanks to TrackAbout, they now have their very own high-quality scanner sitting right in their pocket.

With TrackAbout Mobile and its innovative continuous barcode scanning feature – available to all users as part of its Tracking package – a standard smartphone offers all the power and control you need to make light work of asset management.

Simply by downloading the free Android or iOS mobile app, smartphones can be instantly transformed into powerful scanners to capture barcodes or QR codes with the same speed and accuracy as a high-end laser device.

Focused on the Task

The biggest drawback of using a phone for scanning has always been speed. Usually when taking a picture with a smartphone, there is just too much latency – the camera taking several seconds to readjust and focus between each shot. And while that wouldn’t normally be a major issue, if you’re faced with a room filled with maybe 100 containers and have to wait 2-3 seconds per scan, it’s just not practical or efficient.

TrackAbout has overcome this by using award-winning technology from software company Scandit to keep the camera lens open so it captures images just as quickly as a conventional scanner.

That means that simply passing the lens over the barcodes or labels for maybe a second per container is enough to capture all the required information.

Even older smartphones are supported and no special attachments are required – everything is conveniently built into the app itself.

As each tag is scanned, all that valuable data is instantly synced to your TrackAbout dashboard providing live, real-time updates to help you manage and monitor your assets more effectively.

Continuous barcode scanning puts you firmly in control, helping to reduce paperwork, improve workflows, and eliminate human error.

In fact, TrackAbout’s mobile app also includes many additional features that can make scanning even easier and save you time and effort.


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Talk Rather Than Type

The popular speech-to-text option, for example, provides a fast alternative to manual typing and data entry. Again, when faced with hundreds of assets, this could prove a real game changer.

No matter whether a barcode is awkwardly placed and hard to scan, or if it’s worn and can’t be read at all, TrackAbout Mobile’s integrated speech recognition makes it easy to input the lengthy serial number into the system quickly and accurately. Talking is far more effective than typing and is proven to help eliminate errors and significantly speed up the entire process.

By using the power of the average smartphone, managing returnable containers has never been easier. TrackAbout’s innovative technology not only keeps you in control but puts powerful scanning potential in the palm of your hand.


To find out more about continuous barcode scanning and the various smartphone features included with TrackAbout, contact us for a live demo here.


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