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TrackAbout Acquired by Datacor

October 22, 2019 by Tim Fusco

Nineteen years ago, we set out to change the way the world tracks and manages portable, physical assets. Through continuous collaboration with our customer base, including world-class organizations in over 30 countries, TrackAbout has become the best solution for tracking, managing, maintaining and renting portable, physical assets.

Today we are announcing that TrackAbout has been acquired by Datacor. By joining forces with Datacor, we will be able to allocate more resources to continuously improve our software and provide greater value to our customers.

TrackAbout is committed to continuing to service and support our integrations with a wide variety of ERP packages. In addition, we can now offer a comprehensive ERP solution (Datacor ERP, formerly Chempax) tightly integrated with TrackAbout’s industry-leading asset management system.

Who is Datacor?

Datacor is a leading provider of software for process manufacturers and chemical distributors. Datacor was founded in 1981, has over 700 customers, and is based in Florham Park, New Jersey.

Datacor has two core products:

  • Datacor ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a comprehensive enterprise resource planning system designed for process manufacturers and chemical distributors. It brings all back-end operations together under one vendor for centralized inventory and procurement, business intelligence, manufacturing, accounting, and more.
  • Datacor CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a web based, mobile-friendly CRM that allows sales and customer service teams to manage the full lifecycle of a customer with direct integration to inventory, pricing and accounting.

Why the acquisition?

Datacor and TrackAbout are technology providers serving similar industries with little overlap in functionality. Each solves a comprehensive set of problems for its customers. Datacor saw that acquiring TrackAbout would allow it to (1) enter the packaged gas market with comprehensive ERP, CRM and asset tracking services and (2) provide asset tracking services to its existing customers in process manufacturing and chemical distribution.

What should TrackAbout customers expect?

Nothing in your day-to-day interactions with TrackAbout will change:

  • Management team and all employees are staying on
  • Office remains in Pittsburgh, PA
  • "High-touch" support model is staying the same
  • Continued investment in the TrackAbout technology stack
  • Continuation of the TrackAbout brand
  • Legal entity remaining the same. All contracts with TrackAbout remain valid.

TrackAbout will still be the same TrackAbout that you rely on every day. Our mission remains unchanged. We will simply have more resources to continue developing software that benefits our customers.

How is this good for existing TrackAbout customers?

  • While TrackAbout was already profitable before the acquisition, we now will be part of a financially stronger parent company.
  • The acquisition will lead to faster growth for TrackAbout. More resources means more investment in TrackAbout's platform. This benefits all TrackAbout customers.
  • If you are interested in upgrading your ERP system, we have a very robust and tightly-integrated option for you.

What if I use a different ERP system?

TrackAbout's existing customers use dozens of different ERP and accounting systems. TrackAbout will continue to support and expand integration with non-Datacor ERP systems now and in the future.

Will TrackAbout be selling Datacor ERP software?

TrackAbout will introduce Datacor ERP to TrackAbout customers if and when appropriate. As mentioned earlier, one of the reasons for the acquisition is our shared vision of Datacor ERP + TrackAbout as a complete software solution to the packaged gas and chemical distribution markets.

Want to learn more?

Please plan to attend TrackAbout's User Group Meeting, TrackApalooza, in Pittsburgh on November 12-14th, 2019. Datacor's CEO, Tom Jackson, will also be at this event and is looking forward to meeting you. More information about TrackApalooza here.

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Written by Tim Fusco