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TrackAbout Achieves Security Certification for a Second Year

September 15, 2022 by Angela Toland

TrackAbout has successfully completed a thorough security review and renewed its SOC 2 Type 2 certification for the second successive year.

The globally-recognized standard is awarded to those that meet internationally recognized security requirements and prove they properly protect customer data.

TrackAbout received the certification during the summer after undergoing an extensive auditing process spanning several months.

The annual review scrutinizes security protocol, assesses logs and records, who handles the data, and how it is stored. An external auditor studies the company’s working practices to establish that TrackAbout maintains high standards and follows the correct procedures.


Passing the Test Again


“The entire process has been really helpful to make sure security is always top of mind at TrackAbout,” says Tim Fusco, CEO of TrackAbout. “There’s so much that goes in to running a business day-to-day that security can often be pushed to the back burner and ignored. Knowing that we have this extensive audit coming up every year means we always stay focused and are constantly monitoring our procedures.”

“The auditor not only checks our policies but looks for evidence that we’re following them,” he adds. “That means our customers know we always ‘walk the talk’ in terms of security.”

The process sees auditors gather information including who has access to data, what their roles are, why they have access, and how it can be rescinded should they leave or change their job role. In addition, automated compliance software is run in the background to monitor performance in real time and highlight any issues so they can be remedied.

Since its first audit last year, TrackAbout has implemented several new initiatives to further improve its processes. All employees undergo security awareness training and a Chief Security Officer has been hired.

Cyber attacks are a constant threat and are always evolving, says Fusco. TrackAbout therefore uses an external team of security experts to carry out penetration tests in an attempt to hack into its systems. The penetration tests use the latest tools and techniques adopted by hackers to find any weaknesses in the system.

“There are a lot of bad actors out there, so being tested for vulnerabilities every year has real value,” he adds. “It’s good that our customers know that TrackAbout is proactive rather than reactive.”

Businesses are increasingly wanting assurance that software suppliers meet industry standards and adopt best practices when it comes to security. As a safe vendor, TrackAbout users can rest assured that best practice is followed – so they do not have to spend their own time and money undergoing these extensive security audits themselves.

“I'm really proud of the team for achieving the SOC 2 Type 2 certification for a second consecutive year,” says Fusco. “A lot of work goes into this and it helps us sleep better at night knowing we have this high level of security to protect our customers. That should give them all the confidence they need in TrackAbout and our software.”



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Written by Angela Toland