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Select the Right Tracking System for Durable Medical Equipment

August 4, 2022 by Angela Toland

Renting Durable Medical Equipment – whether it’s a wheelchair, bed, or an oxygen concentrator – provides a lifeline for patients in hospitals, hospices, and homes across the U.S.

But getting the equipment where it needs to be, by a certain time, and to the right recipient is far tougher if you can’t accurately monitor and track its location.




What Is Durable Medical Equipment

The Value of DME Tracking Software

How We Can Help


What Is Durable Medical Equipment?


Durable medical equipment by definition is any kind of medical equipment with the purpose of aiding in a better quality of life for a patient. It can come in various forms, from hospital beds to oxygen concentrators, monitors and ventilators, and mobility aids like wheelchairs. Whether you're a home medical equipment provider or healthcare partner, keeping track of your medical assets internally and at patient sites is vital. 

Medical equipment by its very nature is extremely valuable and difficult to replace – but useless if it’s sitting idle somewhere. Patients rely on its safe delivery and need assurance it will always be in prime condition and safe to use.

Implementing the right technology to track these vital assets not only helps suppliers increase their operating efficiencies, but also substantially improves business performance, long-term growth, and customer satisfaction.

Of course, as a supplier, you also want to make sure you’re getting all your rental monies on time. If you’re not tracking your equipment, you could be missing out on vital revenues.


The Value of DME Tracking Software


With TrackAbout, you can manage equipment delivery and maintenance to offer reliable customer service, support patient care plans, determine overstocked locations, find underutilized assets and more.

Over the years, we’ve become synonymous with asset management and have over two decades of experience tracking everything from gas containers to plastic chemical totes. We currently help our customers track in excess of 12 million assets across the globe – and all of them know that from the moment of that first scan, they’re in complete control of their equipment.

Our software means you can keep on top of rental fees, track serialized equipment, easily manage medical lot/batch numbers, digitize paperwork, keep accurate records, and ensure assets are properly maintained and looked after.

Even better, the savings you’ll achieve by not having to unnecessarily replace equipment each year will more than cover your TrackAbout subscription.

Relying on paperwork and shared spreadsheets creates all kinds of problems. TrackAbout replaces all of this by automating the entire process. We log all the key stages in the delivery process and day-to-day workflow, including when an asset is delivered, returned, maintained, cleaned and repaired.

Set up is easy. Simply attach one of our durable barcodes to your equipment, give it a scan using a handheld reader or our dedicated smartphone app, and decide on the information you want to collect. From that moment, a scan captures data about deliveries, returns, and routine maintenance. There’s no need to type in lengthy serial numbers, no confusion, and no room for mistakes. All that information is accurately collected and transferred to your personalized dashboard, ready to be accessed by you and your team.


How We Can Help


TrackAbout helps you:


  • Track equipment, cut idle time, and minimize losses.

  • Ensure accurate billing for rentals.

  • Manage excess inventories.

  • Minimize paperwork with instant digital access to documentation and asset history.

  • Monitor maintenance programs and know when to repair and replace equipment.

Even better? TrackAbout is compatible with all ERPs and integrates seamlessly with Datacor ERP or any other system. Following customer feedback, we offer an integration with QuickBooks Enterprise and Premiere platforms. 

All too often, inventory is mislaid, lost, or simply doesn’t get returned after use. Managing your assets effectively is always better than having them sitting idle. After all, an unused – or underused – asset means lost revenue.

With TrackAbout, you always know where your assets are, how they’re being used, and when they’re available for the next shipment. We offer the assurance that you’re billing correctly and getting the rental you’re due – supported by a team of experts to help you every step of the way.


Learn more about how we track medical equipment. 



Ready to take the next step? Request a free TrackAbout demo. 




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Written by Angela Toland