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Webinar: Get personalized reports when you need them.

June 26, 2020 by Sonya Becker & Jessica Gullickson

TA Reporting Webinar 2020-1

[Free Live Webinar]

Date/Time: Tuesday, July 14, 2020 | 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST
Presenter: Sonya Becker, Customer Success Specialist, TrackAbout
Live Webinar (Free)

How often do you need information and personalized reports from TrackAbout?

Need it now and do not have time to contact Support to request and wait for them to pull your request?

Ever wished you could just go into TrackAbout and extract it yourself?

Let me show you how.

In the past, you would have often needed TrackAbout Support’s assistance to obtain information about the details of your barcoded/tagged asset inventory. TrackAbout took note of your requests to make this information more accessible and now provides the ability to customize and save Inventory Searches.

Customized Inventory Reporting

During the webinar, I will show you step by step on how to:

  • Pull customized reports regarding your tracked asset inventory;
  • Understand the status of your asset inventory in more detail;
  • Export the data anytime you want it; and
  • How to share the information with your team.

Saved Inventory Searches

Have a report you run regularly? We will go over setting those up as Saved Searches, so you do not have to enter your requested information each time.

And of course, we will open it up for questions and answers at the end. 


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* See below for a small sample of some of the custom details our customers collect on assets and access through Current Inventory reporting :





Annual Insurance

Last Dump Date


Rental Override End Date

Fall Harness Mfg Date

Last Test Date

Not Clean

Service Plan End Date

Fire Extinguishers

License Plate

Patient ID

Sold To

Install Date

Maintenance Date

Purchase Cost

Valve Type

Insurance Expires

Manifold Type

Purchase Date

Work Order #


Topics: Customer Service, Data Management, Feature Spotlight, Reporting, Customer Success, Support, Training

Written by Sonya Becker & Jessica Gullickson