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4 Real-World Business Problems That Returnable Container Tracking Software Solves

February 16, 2022 by Angela Toland

Asset management software isn’t just a fleeting trend. For many reasons, companies must be able to monitor and control the quantity, location, and condition of their physical assets.

Using a software like TrackAbout can help businesses easily stay on top of where their products are, when they’re delivered to customers, and control whether those journeys are as efficient and productive as possible. And because businesses operate both in the office and in the field, the ability to access this information via a remote dashboard is crucial to keep operations always running smoothly.

What Is Returnable Container Tracking Software?

Returnable container tracking software like TrackAbout allows businesses to easily manage returnable containers throughout their lifecycle using technology like smartphones, tablets, and rugged handheld computers. The software effortlessly replaces paper-based processes for production, delivery, quality assurance, inventory management, maintenance, customer audits, compliance and much more using integrated software solutions.

With the software’s cloud-based approach, you can avoid the headache of the following 4 real-world business problems.


  1. High Cost – Keeping track of your entire fleet of containers in one easy-to-use dashboard removes the costly administrative and IT maintenance burdens of a comprehensive tracking program. With TrackAbout, you can effortlessly collect actionable data from your assets at every touchpoint in the supply chain to help inform smarter business decisions. Learn more about the Tracking module.
  2. User Errors – By replacing paper-based processes with a mobile app, users can significantly reduce errors as they happen and add accountability to inventory management. This includes the process of keeping track of returnable containers as they enter and leave trucks, creating important documents including truck manifests, DOT Hazardous Waste Manifests and more. Learn more about the Truck Reconciliation & Manifest module.
  3. Data Visibility and Protection – With a unified system to track and monitor assets, people that you choose can be granted access to the software and its deep operational insights about your assets. With an easy-to-use portal, asset tracking information can be shared between you and your customers, access reports and certificates of analysis and even set user permissions by location, department and individual. Learn more about the Customer Tracking Portal.
  4. Ability to Customize and Scale – No two organizations operate in the same way. We know that some businesses may need to track thousands of containers, while others may only need to track a few. Manual tracking methods can limit the amount of information businesses track and other tracking software can often limit the kinds of data fields and functionality users might need. Our cloud-based software can be customized and scaled to fit your company’s needs. Learn more about TrackAbout’s suite of modules.


Intuitive and User Friendly

Fortunately, TrackAbout provides the necessary technology and insight to keep you, your customers, and your assets safe. We believe that managing inventories better helps to keep the supply chain moving.

Unlike other asset management software, our unique application has been specifically developed to monitor and better handle returnable containers and give users full control over their equipment.


TrackAbout Dashboard


From the moment you register with TrackAbout, we're here to offer assistance whenever you need it – whether that means helping to streamline your processes or to access the many features of our software.  

In our next blog, we’ll discover how TrackAbout’s Tracking module can help your business keep track of your most valuable assets while cutting costs and boosting profits.


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Topics: Asset Management, Returnable Containers

Written by Angela Toland