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2023 Year in Review

February 7, 2024 by Angela Toland

At TrackAbout, we recognize that the business environment is continuously changing – as are the needs and requirements of our customers. That’s why we’re always working to improve and update our market-leading asset tracking software so we can provide our users with even more options, capabilities, and opportunities to ensure it grows with their business.

In this blog, we reflect on what has been an exciting 2023 and highlight some of the new developments and additional functionality offered by TrackAbout.






#1: It's now simpler to sign in

"Amongst the most requested improvements introduced this past year was the Single Sign On feature for our app and website," says Liz Schurdak, Product Manager at TrackAbout.

Also known as Federated Authentication, this handy feature was added in July 2023 and enables companies to use any existing Single Sign On service, such as Microsoft or Google, and enter these credentials to log in to their TrackAbout account.

This is not only far more user friendly – meaning you’ll no longer have to remember or manage multiple passwords across different applications – but you also benefit from the protection of the secure ecosystem of Microsoft or Google and their proven security protocols, notes Schurdak.

TrackAbout users wanting to take advantage of this new feature can opt in by contacting their TrackAbout sales representative.


#2: We've increased scanner compatibility 

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, minimizing hardware and setup costs has never been more important. That’s why TrackAbout has been working hard to increase device certifications and broaden support for Bluetooth, barcode, and RFID scanners that can be used with our software.

TrackAbout now supports a wider range of scanning equipment without the need for additional development work. This offers greater compatibility and provides more options for users, helping to minimize hardware costs where possible.


#3: Successful migration to TAMobile 7

Another major milestone has been bringing our newer, more modern TAMobile 7 platform into parity with the capabilities of its predecessor, the older Windows-based TAMobile 6, adds Schurdak.

The new platform provides users with the same – and even greater – functionality than they’re used to with a more secure, stable, and futureproofed system.

TAMobile 7 is now available for Android and iOS.


#4: Keeping you updated with our new webinars

The launch of our quarterly webinars has also been welcomed by TrackAbout users as an additional resource to find out about the latest news and updates for their software.

Hosted by the TrackAbout Product Team, each hour-long webinar provides a round-up of everything we’ve been working on in the last quarter plus new features, add-ons, and upgrades. There’s also time set aside for Q&A at the end of each session.

We received fantastic feedback for our first few webinars last August and November, and invite you to join us for the next event scheduled for February 14, 2024. Secure your spot now!



#5: F&B sector hungry for new features

TrackAbout continues to grow its presence in the food and beverage service industry and has implemented numerous new features to meet the needs of our customers in this space.

Demonstrating TrackAbout’s flexibility and agility to cater to the unique demands of this segment, our development team unveiled several changes in 2023. For example, TrackAbout users are now able to scan a lot number/barcode and fulfill line items on a delivery with that information. We also introduced the ability to track service calls and collect payment information during deliveries.



#6: Prioritize with push notifications

Last on our list is the ability to instantly alert your drivers with push notifications on their TrackAbout devices. This great new feature means drivers in the middle of their run can be sent status updates for their orders or be told whether they have an urgent delivery they need to prioritize.

This is a great new way for teams to communicate and stay informed and up to date, ensuring that customers always receive the high levels of service they expect.



If you want to learn more about how TrackAbout's software can help you elevate your asset management strategy, request a free demo with one of our industry experts.



Topics: Asset Management

Written by Angela Toland