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Refrigerants are coming under increased regulation as countries work to limit greenhouse gases. TrackAbout helps to comply with tracking regulations while also providing great value to your operations and customers. To use TrackAbout, your teams barcode your returnable refrigerant cylinders and use TrackAbout Mobile to scan them through your business processes. TrackAbout is used both to track refrigerant gas heading out to customers as well as to track returned and recycled gases. Weight can be captured in either case to ensure that gases are not leaking into the atmosphere.

Better managing your cylinders has a transformative effect on your business and a strong return on investment. 


Our experts can guide you through all the steps in the process and help you take firm control of your cylinders to realize a wide range of benefits with our suite of modules.

  • Gain real-time visibility into your cylinder inventory
  • Establish a chain of custody and promote accountability
  • Find under-utilized cylinders and get them back into service
  • Increase customer satisfaction with billing accuracy
  • Purchase fewer new cylinders and reduce theft
  • Charge customers for damage to cylinders
  • Reduce paperwork and progress your digital transformation
  • Record maintenance activities and customize mobile screens for company-specific processes
  • Enforce internal processes for safety and compliance with electronic maintenance records
  • Keep accurate end user cylinder balances and calculate billing statements
  • Keep rental calculations out of your business software, allowing you to use less customized software to run your business.
  • Optimize handling and distribution by grouping cylinders on pallets
  • Scan pallet barcodes once rather than scanning individual cylinders
  • Track truck inventories and reconcile deliveries
  • Create government-required truck manifests
  • Eliminate paperwork for customer orders and driver instructions
  • Send customer orders directly to Datacor ERP or other business management software
  • Provide end users with controlled access to tracking information

“We use TrackAbout to track, manage and rent our returnable refrigerant gas cylinders. We replaced a previous tracking system with TrackAbout. We have really appreciated the quality of the software and the support from TrackAbout and have recommended it to other companies.”

Allan Harper, Managing Director
Climalife/IDS Refrigeration Ltd.

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