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Industrial, Medical & Specialty Gas

A gas distribution business revolves around its cylinders. To fully manage your business, you must fully manage your cylinders. TrackAbout was founded by packaged gas industry veterans as the world’s leading cylinder tracking system, designed to integrate with any business system. Today, professionals trust TrackAbout to track over twelve million cylinders across more than thirty countries in twelve different languages. Our software is used successfully by hundreds of companies of all sizes, from the largest global gas majors to small family businesses. Better managing your cylinders has a transformative effect on your business and a strong return on investment. 


Our experts can guide you through all the steps in the process and help you take firm control of your containers to realize a wide range of benefits with our suite of modules.

  • Establish a chain of custody and promote accountability
  • Know the locations of your containers and how long they’ve been there
  • Capture the history of every container
  • Increase customer satisfaction with billing accuracy
  • Purchase fewer new containers and reduce theft
  • Charge customers for damage to returnable containers
  • Optimize sustainability initiatives in the circular economy
  • Reduce paperwork by electronically tracking batch and lot numbers
  • Record and track maintenance, inspection and testing actions
  • Customize mobile screens for company-specific processes
  • Enforce internal processes for safety and compliance
  • Keep accurate end user container balances and calculate billing statements
  • Increase rental revenue
  • Optimize handling and distribution by grouping chemical containers on pallets
  • Scan pallet barcodes once rather than scanning individual chemical containers
  • Track truck inventories and reconcile deliveries
  • Create government-required truck manifests
  • Eliminate paperwork for work orders and driver instructions
  • Send work orders directly to Datacor ERP or other business management software
  • Grant customers controlled Internet access to your TrackAbout system so they can track and view information for containers at their locations

"We discovered a number of accounts that had more cylinders than we were billing them for. With TrackAbout, when they started to exchange those assets one for one, we were able to recover and start billing for all those assets that were out in the market. We think our rental billings increased between three to five percent from that fact alone."

Bob Ewing, President
Red Ball Oxygen

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