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What is a Proof of Delivery system?

Paper-based deliveries involve manual processes that are time consuming, prone to errors and costly to manage. The TrackAbout electronic proof of delivery system alleviates these issues by allowing drivers and dock workers to record deliveries to customers without the need for a paper delivery ticket. The module enhances the delivery functions on the mobile device to give the driver all necessary delivery information including the order number, customer name and address, delivery notes and the number of each asset type to be delivered and/or returned. Mobile proof of delivery software greatly improves accuracy and minimizes the time and labor of manual data entry.

Order Notes

Often a driver needs special instructions when making a delivery, such as when the customer wants to receive the order at a certain entrance or loading dock, or a specific person needs to sign for the order. Proof of Delivery sends the instructions to the mobile device so they can’t be missed by the driver.

Delivery Exceptions

Proof of Delivery provides the flexibility to account for times when what a driver actually delivers varies from what is on the order. This could happen when a customer purchases additional products from the extra inventory on the truck or when a product is refused due to a defect. The module tracks the exceptions and sends them to the billing system upon synchronization of the mobile device.

Sometimes an asset’s product code will vary from what is shown on the order. When paired with the Truck Load and Manifest module, Proof of Delivery enables the mobile device to alert the driver who can choose to bypass the warning and change the classification.

Unplanned Deliveries

The advantage of using electronic proof of delivery systems to perform unplanned deliveries is that there is no risk losing paper records or misreading illegible handwriting. The mobile device records all necessary information and sends it to the application website upon synchronization.

Electronic Signatures

Mobile devices with signature-capture technology enable electronic acknowledgement of order receipt. When the customer signs on the mobile device screen, their actual signature and identity are attached to the delivery record and are available for viewing on the application website if needed in the future. This relieves yet another paper-based process that must be collected, collated and stored, saving time and reducing costs. When Proof of Delivery is combined with the Mobile Printing module, you can print a customer receipt that includes the actual signature.

Enhance Truck Load and Manifest Module

The Truck Load and Manifest module tracks truck inventories while loading and unloading operations are performed. When deployed with Proof of Delivery, the detailed asset information provided by Truck Load and Manifest enables automatic verification of the types and quantity of assets delivered to speed up delivery times and ensure that orders are filled properly. This information is used later by the application website to reconcile actual deliveries made in order to catch errors and omissions.

Deliveries from the Branch/Dock

The module is helpful when making deliveries that take place “on the dock”. When deployed with the Truck Load and Manifest module, the mobile devices can store information for assets in a branch inventory that have been scanned on a record within a configurable period to a maximum 180 days). Mobile proof of delivery software reduces the number of records that are downloaded to the device with the assumption that assets inactive for a long time probably will not be delivered.

Deploy Mobile Printing

The Mobile Printing module complements Proof of Delivery by enabling a driver to print receipts instantly at the customer’s location. Details like the customer’s name, address and phone number, electronic signature and delivery notes can be printed on the receipt. When Proof of Delivery, Mobile Printing and Truck Load and Manifest are deployed together, extended asset details such as product name, lot number, serial number and tracking number can be printed as well.

Functions and Features

Mobile Device-Centric Order Handling

  • Associates each mobile device with a specific truck for inventory purposes
  • Associates each mobile device with a specific route for order purposes
  • Allocates every order to a specific trip or route
  • Each mobile device receives order data for the associated trip or route on the current date as well as incomplete deliveries from past dates
  • Displays orders on the mobile device in a list, which can be prioritized
  • Orders and corresponding statuses can be reviewed on the application website

Order Management

  • Users can create orders through an outside business system or on the application website
  • Tracks order status and details

Delivery Notes

  • Can be added to the delivery ticket from the mobile device or on the application website
  • Can be added by the driver to specific orders via the mobile device

Asset List

  • Creates a list of asset types and quantities that the driver should expect to deliver to or receive from each customer
  • Handles unexpected assets by creating a new deliver or return line item in the order or noting an exception on an existing line item


  • Pulls information from existing accounting systems to create order tickets
  • Sends delivery details to existing accounting systems for updating
  • Allows users to verify ordered vs. delivered on the application website
  • Integrates with Truck Load and Manifest module to ensure that deliveries are fulfilled correctly based on truck inventory as downloaded to the mobile device
  • Complements Mobile Printing module in printing customizable receipts at customer’s location