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Various industries require an uninterrupted source of industrial, medical or specialty gases to operate efficiently. Depletion of the gas can cause a shutdown that can be extremely costly, unsafe and disruptive. By monitoring the amount and condition of gas contained in a portable bulk, microbulk or bulk tank, as well as high and low pressure cylinders and gas delivery systems, you can eliminate the chance of gas run-outs and reduce delivery charges with improved distribution efficiency and better asset utilization. TrackAbout partners with Wise Telemetry to provide remote access to gas volume levels, temperature, pressure, leak alerts combined with automatic shutdown and optimized logistics for making deliveries to those storage containers. Wise Telemetry is available in both WiFi and cellular technology. To learn more about Wise Telemetry and pressure telemetry monitoring systems, visit wisetelemetry.com.

As an option the Wise Telemetry interface can be built right into your TrackAbout tracking system. This data collection software allows you to see your tracked storage assets and receive telemetry information and alerts about them all in one place.