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What is Computerized Maintenance Management?

Portable physical assets are one of your company’s largest investments and your business depends on deploying them efficiently.  An effective maintenance program helps ensure your assets are available when your customers need them and that they are in safe working condition.  It also helps extend the life of your assets, requiring less capital expenditures to replace those that have worn out.  Furthermore, detailed maintenance documentation can provide evidence to satisfy any regulatory requirements.

TrackAbout Maintenance enables the recording, tracking and reporting of asset maintenance, inspection and testing actions.  Utilizing rugged handheld scanners, smartphones and tablets with barcode or RFID technology, the computerized maintenance management module records actions performed on each asset. It also identifies assets with maintenance due and generates maintenance detail reports for each asset.

When used with the TrackAbout Dynamic Forms module, you can establish step-by-step processes and procedures to follow for a given action.  You also can record additional information regarding what work was performed and to which standards.

Maintenance Log

Maintenance logs provide a record of all work performed on an asset, whether an inspection, a test, a repair or routine maintenance and are useful for troubleshooting recurring or obscure problems.  Detailed and accurate records also help ensure that your assets are performing in line with any manufacturer warranties and can be essential in supporting your case in a lawsuit over faulty equipment.  Every time a maintenance action is performed on an asset, TrackAbout Maintenance creates a record of the action performed and who performed the action, when and why.

Preventative Maintenance

To keep your assets in good working order, ensure safety and possibly fulfill your legal obligations, it’s important that preventative maintenance occurs regularly.  TrackAbout Maintenance provides a list of assets that are due for a scheduled inspection, test or service so you can remove them from the active pool and perform the necessary maintenance, ensuring you never miss another milestone.

Ensure Adherence to Established Procedures

When used with the TrackAbout Dynamic Forms module, you can establish step-by-step processes to follow for a given maintenance action and enforce the collection of information at each step.  Additional information for each kind of maintenance work can be recorded as part of the maintenance record in the asset’s history, such as noting the inspection or testing standard used in a certain procedure.

Track Total Cost of Ownership

Asset management is a key aspect of a company’s financial performance, and tracking the maintenance performed aids in measuring the total cost of ownership for your assets.  With TrackAbout Maintenance, not only do you get an accurate view of your expenses.  You also are able to forecast a work plan for each asset and predict the cost of executing the work plan.

Increased Asset Utilization

Every asset in your fleet is a potential to earn money.  You want to keep them working and available.  TrackAbout Maintenance helps keep your assets up-to-date and in top working order which increases their availability and utilization and reduces operating costs.

Functions and Features

Customizable Maintenance Actions

  • Personalized screens conform to industry- or company-specific actions and terminology
  • Screens can be tailored for specific asset types or groups of assets

Detailed Asset Maintenance History

  • Action performed noted in individual asset history; drill down ability to access details
  • View all actions performed on an asset over its lifetime
  • Type of maintenance action (clean, paint, repair, inspect, test, etc.)
  • Date
  • Person responsible
  • Resultant location (in-house or at customer site)
  • Resulting asset use state

Record Additional Information with TrackAbout Dynamic Forms

  • Highly customizable
  • Provide custom procedures and protocols to follow in performing an action
  • Indicate future work or tests to be performed based on inspection
  • Choose the resulting use state of an asset upon completion of an action
  • Record even more information in the drill down details of the maintenance action or even attach attributes to the asset
  • Maintenance, inspection or testing results can be attached to asset attributes
  • Mark data fields as:
    • Required or optional
    • Viewable on the record details
    • Attributes of the asset
  • Control which options users may enter
  • Identify the followed standard
  • Validate data based on acceptable outcome
  • Time stamps
  • Onscreen signature capture
  • Define units of measure
  • Specify most recent and/or next testing date

Maintenance Coming Due Status

  • Asset families group assets for required actions
  • Schedule action to be performed for each asset family
  • Generate list of actions coming due


  • Maintenance Records in each asset’s history
    • Details available by drilling down into each maintenance action
  • On demand standard reports viewable on the application website by users with permission
    • Maintenance Summary – Maintained then moved
    • Maintenance Summary by Location
  • Custom reports
    • May be run on demand from the website by users with permission
    • May also be run on a schedule and emailed to targeted users
    • Available in Microsoft Excel or other preferred formats