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TrackAbout Core Tracking provides the tools you need to effectively control and optimize your portable assets.  The system tracks each specific asset, corrects data errors and protects data integrity.  With accurate reporting, TrackAbout turns data into information so you can make faster, better-informed business decisions.

TrackAbout is delivered by the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model which removes the costly burden of administrative and IT maintenance and provides a faster return on investment.  While Core Tracking software provides the foundation for the asset management system, additional modules with more specific functionality can be added as needed to define a solution that best suits your company’s unique business needs.

Mobile Computing Technology

TrackAbout’s mobile computing technology enables you to gather data for each asset individually at numerous points along your supply chain.  Rugged handheld scanners, smartphones and tablets using barcode technology, as well as RFID tags, can input data through a robust web interface accessible anytime and anywhere.  Mobile applications provide flexible returnable asset tracking system options to complement unique work processes and smart technology automatically corrects errors that typically occur in the field.

Cross-Check Engine®

TrackAbout Core Tracking software utilizes smart technology that automatically and intelligently corrects errors. The Cross-Check Engine effectively manages the mistakes that often occur with data collected in the field.  It adjusts for missing scans, duplicate serial numbers, syncing out of order and data entry mistakes and validates the data to confirm asset balances, discrepancies, shelf-life, lot number compliance, deliveries and maintenance.  If a situation requiring human attention arises, TrackAbout issues an alert to the appropriate people.  This ensures that only accurate tracking information is entered into your enterprise system.

Opportunity Alerts®

Real-time notifications proactively notify you of revenue and cost savings opportunities as they arise.  For example, when an asset is nearing expiration, TrackAbout issues an alert sending the right information to the right people at the right time so that the expiring product is replaced and the customer’s need is fulfilled.

Customer Auditing

With TrackAbout Core Tracking you can visit a customer’s location and perform a physical audit of all assets on premises. Your employees scan every asset they can find.  TrackAbout returnable asset tracking systems consolidates and analyzes the data captured by the mobile devices and compares the found assets against what is supposed to be onsite. Discrepancies between expected and actual are called out during the audit reconciliation process.


TrackAbout makes the most of your tracking information with a library of standard reports designed to effectively evaluate, compile and present your data.  Custom reports can be created to suit your specific business needs.  Reports can be scheduled to run automatically and e-mailed to key staff members as needed.

Universal Integration

The TrackAbout technology architecture is open and flexible enough to securely and reliably share information with existing business systems including TECSYS, SAP, Oracle and J.D. Edwards.  The open architecture platform allows you to leverage your investment in your enterprise system and deploy TrackAbout Core Tracking without interrupting your current processes.

Fast Implementation

TrackAbout provides all the service, training and equipment you need for a quick, efficient launch.  An on-site support team trains employees and system administrators while configuring the system to meet your specific business needs.  Incremental adoption options make implementation easy.  You can begin by tracking just a subset of your workflow – such as one type of asset or a single customer – then gradually add more as time and resources permit.

Functions and Features

Serialized/Non-Serialized Tracking

  • Track serialized, individual assets
  • Ability to track non-serialized assets and hard goods
  • Integration and reconciliation of scanned data with other internal systems
  • Automatic correction of placeholder “not scanned” labels for missing serialized information upon collection of future data
  • Accurate credits to original customers upon recovery of misplaced or stolen assets

Customer Audit

  • On-site physical audit of all assets at customer location
  • On-the-spot “Add New” feature for found assets without barcodes
  • Data consolidation and analysis of assets actually found versus expected
  • Discrepancies flagged as “Not Found” or “Surprise Find” for manual resolution by system administrator
  • Reconciliation report stored in the system to be viewed at any time in the future

Duplicate Serial Number Correction

  • Smart logic attempts to automatically resolve assets with duplicate serial numbers
  • System-issued alerts notify administrator of situations requiring manual resolution

Out-of-Sequence Data Input Recovery

  • Automatic time stamping of each transaction as entered into the handheld mobile device or the application website
  • Management of the asset timeline to determine correct sequence of asset data that is synchronized out of order

Administration Dashboard

  • System administrator daily landing page highlights situations requiring attention
  • Configurable screen based on business needs

Data Transfer Capability

  • Real-time input with wireless devices using Wi-Fi or cellular
  • Non-wireless synchronization
  • Automatic upgrades for handheld software
  • Fast synchronization


  • Ability and flexibility to define user roles and permissions as appropriate
  • Accommodates various password policies such as forced renewals or minimum requirements
  • Enforced on application website and handheld mobile devices
  • SSL data encryption for all transactions


  • Microsoft® Windows® CE / Microsoft® Windows® Mobile / Android / iOS
  • No server software to install or maintain with software as a service (SaaS) model
  • Guaranteed 99% uptime, excluding regularly scheduled maintenance times
  • System backup every 15 minutes
  • Barcode and RFID capabilities
  • Certified scanning devices include Motorola Solutions, Intermec, Honeywell, Psion, Denso
  • Also operates on smartphones and tablets