• Core Tracking Module - TrackAbout

    Core Tracking

    Make confident business decisions and maximize revenue opportunities by tracking your assets individually with handheld mobile devices. Cross-check the data against your business enterprise system to confirm key information such as asset balances, discrepancies, lot number compliance, shelf-life, deliveries and maintenance.

  • Mobile Asset Tracking Solutions Module - TrackAbout

    Mobile Asset Tracking Solutions

    Extend asset tracking capabilities to any employee with an Android or iOS device. Smartphones and tablets enhance employee mobility. Now they can easily get the information they need in the field or collect valuable asset information without a bulky rugged handheld.

  • Order Management Module - TrackAbout

    Order Management

    Get a single, unified view of account information by granting your customers controlled Internet access to your TrackAbout system. Help them gain a higher degree of visibility and control over asset data, which can enable them to manage and monitor assets proactively and improve overall business efficiency.

  • Asset Exchange Management Module - TrackAbout

    Asset Exchange Management

    Streamline the delivery and exchange of assets with business partners who also use TrackAbout. Eliminate redundancy of re-initializing assets as they move from one organization to another. Prevent invoicing and other discrepancies. Information is entered into the shared system once and is reusable by disparate companies throughout the common supply chain.

  • Rental Module - TrackAbout


    Recover lost rent by automating and simplifying the management of rented or leased portable assets. Direct integration with TrackAbout Core Tracking or your billing system makes it easy to correctly determine rental balances and manage prices globally across all your customers. Accurate balances lead to fewer disputes and a better resolution when they do happen.

  • Computerized Maintenance Management Module - TrackAbout

    Computerized Maintenance Management

    Ensure your assets are available and in safe working condition. Track maintenance, inspection and testing actions performed. Generate reports on these activities for each asset. Receive alerts for assets with required maintenance due.

  • Truck Manifest Module - TrackAbout

    Truck Manifest

    Reduce errors and increase efficiency by tracking truck inventories while loading and unloading operations are performed. Hazardous materials shipping manifests can be created to meet Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements.

  • Pallet Tracking Module - TrackAbout

    Pallet Tracking

    Optimize handling and distribution by managing assets in groups rather than individually. Gain increased efficiency, safety and potential profit in the long run.

  • Proof of Delivery Module - TrackAbout

    Proof of Delivery

    Improve accuracy and minimize the time and labor of manual data entry by eliminating the need for paper delivery tickets. Enhanced delivery functions on the mobile device give the driver all necessary delivery information including the order number, customer name and address, delivery notes and the number of each asset type to be delivered and/or returned.

  • Mobile Printing Module - TrackAbout

    Mobile Printing

    Save time and enhance customer service with accurate printed receipts. Easily configurable to enable branding and other customization of documents printed in the field utilizing a printer equipped with Bluetooth technology.

  • Dynamic Forms Module - TrackAbout

    Dynamic Forms

    Leverage the mobile device application to achieve greater efficiency in asset tracking. Allows for the customization of any pre-built workflow with additional screens to capture the data you need to support your operations or meet reporting and auditing requirements.

  • Certificate of Analysis Module - TrackAbout

    Certificate of Analysis

    Eliminate the need to send paper certificates of analysis to customers by hosting them on the application website. Customers can access the certificates by simply clicking on a hyperlink that is available to end users with login privileges in remote locations.

  • Gas Analysis Module - TrackAbout

    Gas Analysis

    Increase efficiency by validating and recording test results using the mobile device. Receive an alert if the gas fails analysis. Results are saved and linked to the lot number and fill records of the utilized cylinders.

  • Product Usage Reporting Module - TrackAbout

    Product Usage Reporting

    Calculate the product lost in storage or during the gas fill process. This enables accurate accounting records for a true picture of your financial status. Monitor operations to ensure an efficient filling process and detect potential leakage. Confirm accuracy of product received from vendors.

  • Bulk Delivery Module - TrackAbout

    Bulk Delivery

    Generate savings by eliminating manual data processing and increasing billing accuracy and speed. Easily captures bulk gas delivery information at the point of delivery and uploads it into the billing system. Quicker and more accurate billing results in a reduction in accounts receivable days and disputes.

  • Tube Trailer Volume Module - TrackAbout

    Tube Trailer Volume

    Promote invoice accuracy with precise measurements of the volume of gas in tube trailers. Records the ambient temperature and pressure and calculates the amount of gas inside the tubes. Supports helium, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen.

  • Pressure Telemetry Module - TrackAbout

    Pressure Telemetry

    Ensure mission critical delivery of gases and minimize risks associated with downtime. Utilizes high pressure and liquid level readings taken by a monitor in the field to manage and report gas level volumes. Reorder and critical low-level alerts can be sent via email and pagers to both users and suppliers.