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Your small business depends on successfully monitoring and caring for your moving assets. Keeping track of and protecting your valuable property is essential to your bottom line.

TrackAbout asset management software for small business is affordable, flexible and fully customizable to your needs. It uses barcode technology that you can scan into a powerful searchable tracking database with a smartphone, tablet or rugged handheld device.

Asset Management for Small Business

TrackAbout’s tracking functionality combined with your existing smartphone or tablet devices give you robust control over your assets in the palm of your hand. The system’s features include:

  • Immediately view details of an asset including location, history and operational status
  • Capture proof of delivery and schedule return pickups with ease
  • Quickly add new assets into the searchable database
  • Record maintenance activity, schedule repair and store reports for easy access
  • Robust reporting to let you generate a broad range of customized reports

Benefits of TrackAbout Asset Tracking System for Small Business

Experience the benefits that the TrackAbout software brings to your small business, including:

  • Affordable
    • Barcodes are not expensive
    • Small initial investment when using your existing iOS or Android smartphone or tablet devices versus the cost of buying rugged handhelds
  • Scalable: You can start small and then grow with TrackAbout as your business grows
  • Know where your assets are at all times
  • Deter theft and reduce loss
  • Increase asset resale value by managing maintenance records for you
  • Improve safety with the ability to flag assets in need of repair
  • Never miss warranty coverage – the software will alert you when warranties are about to expire

Whether your tracking containers or rental equipment, TrackAbout gives your small business full control over your valuable assets, keeping you informed of their movements. Contact us to learn how the small business asset management software can help you get the maximum value out of your investments.