Roll-Off Container Tracking

Containers rolling away?
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Are You Losing Track of your Roll-Off Containers?

TrackAbout’s affordable tracking software solves this problem by keeping track of your valuable roll-offs so you can better manage your business and serve your customers.

TrackAbout’s Roll-Off Container Tracking Software helps you answer the questions:

  • Where are our bins located and how long have they been there? (Show them on a map)
  • Which bins are available? In what sizes?
  • What size truck do we need to pick up this bin?
  • How can we we prove where and when a bin was delivered or picked up?
  • Who last had this bin and damaged it?
  • Are any of our bins too small for a job? Are they turning over too frequently at a single customer.
  • Are we forgetting to bill for a bin?

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roll off container tracking

Roll-Off Container Tracking

Roll-offs (aka roll-off containers or dumpsters) represent a substantial capital investment for waste haulers. If you’re using a manual check-in/check-out system, you know how time-consuming and error-prone it can be. You might be asking yourself, “how can I track my container accurately?” Employees can forget to record important information on deliveries and pickups. This causes bins to be forgotten or lost.

People make mistakes. If you mistakenly overcharge a customer they call and you fix it. If you mistakenly undercharge a customer you never hear about it. Getting more accurate with roll-off container tracking software will increase your rental revenue from the work you are already doing.

How to Track Dumpsters and Roll-Off Containers Effectively

TrackAbout is an affordable, cloud-based roll-off container tracking software system that uses barcodes and smartphones to track, manage and rent roll-off containers. Dumpster tracking software provides control over your dumpsters and greater visibility into your operations.

  • First you place large format barcode stickers on your bins. Two per bin.
  • roll off container tracking softwareThen you scan these barcodes and key in the properties of this bin including its serial number and size. Now the bin is in the system and going forward you just need to scan its barcode when you drop them off and pick them up or otherwise move them around and the dumpster dispatch software will take care of the rest.
  • Scanning is done with an app on an Android or Apple phone or tablet.
  • Then you view reports on your bins from a website which you can view from a browser on any computer, tablet or phone
  • You can also use TrackAbout to key in orders and assign these orders to your drivers.
  • TrackAbout does not do invoicing for the bins. We assume that you already have a system for doing this like QuickBooks or something similar.
  • Every time you scan a barcode we capture the person, date/time, customer and GPS coordinates of the phone that did the scanning. You can also collect electronic signatures of your customers during delivery and drop off.

Together, this gives you a very complete view of your bins at all times. With TrackAbout roll-off container tracking, lost dumpsters and are a thing of the past. You’ll save time and money while protecting these valuable assets.

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We have special pricing for roll-off companies which has a lower minimum than our standard pricing and does not require an upfront implementation fee.

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