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Rental Equipment Tracking

If your business owns equipment that you rent out to others, keeping track of its movements can help you to not only protect your investment but can lead to increased revenue for you.

Whether you rent out generators, gas cylinders, or party equipment, TrackAbout rental equipment software takes the guesswork out of your rentals and provides a complete solution to improve your company’s efficiency and delivery accuracy.

Rental Equipment Tracking Software

TrackAbout is a complete cloud-based asset management and tracking system that is fully customizable to your SMB or enterprise rental needs. It is available for smartphones and tablets, as well as rugged handheld scanners, allowing you to log and track your valuable property easily.

It offers specific functionality geared toward your rental business, enabling you to:

  • Log equipment into the database via smartphone or tablet through customizable forms
  • Track pickups and deliveries with electronic signature and GPS capture
  • Have flexible rental pricing tools to handle calculations based on your formulas
  • Gain a full rental history of the asset
  • Track maintenance history and records
  • Know when equipment is out of service and requires maintenance
  • Accurately maintain asset balances to ensure the correct calculation of rental and lease contracts

The Benefits of Equipment Rental Tracking and Management Software

Many rental companies face delivery accuracy issues, causing mistakes that lead to pervasive under-charging of rental costs. TrackAbout rental tracking software increases the efficiency of your customer delivery, letting you maximize your rental revenue by not having to reduce charges for customer service reasons.

With TrackAbout software, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Accurate delivery leading to increased revenue
  • You will know where your equipment is at all times, giving you control over your assets while protecting your investment
  • Easy calculation of rental charges per asset
  • Maximized asset value due to accurate maintenance and warranty recordkeeping
  • Optimized asset usage
  • Time and resource savings by not having to track assets manually

TrackAbout rental equipment management software puts you in charge of your valuable assets, letting you know the location of your assets and allowing you to deliver and return equipment with precise accuracy.

Contact us for a free demo and trial of the TrackAbout system and to learn how the equipment rental tracking software can help your business thrive.