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Medical Equipment Asset Management Software

Medical Equipment Asset Management Software

TrackAbout is a cloud-based software system using barcodes or RFID tags to track and manage returnable durable and home medical equipment. The medical equipment tracking software was designed to bring cost savings and efficiencies to HME and DME suppliers through better accuracy, equipment utilization, rental management and loss prevention.

With TrackAbout, you can track assets with smartphones, tablets or rugged handheld computers.

The following TrackAbout modules suit the needs of most HME and DME distributors. TrackAbout is customizable to meet unique business and operational challenges.


Customer Testimonial: 

“We are presently tracking over 11,000 pieces of equipment with TrackAbout including oxygen cylinders and accessories, CPAP machines, CPM units, nebulizers, battery packs, wheel chairs and many other items.  The system is very easy to use, cost effective, and we have complete confidence in the data provided. The TrackAbout support team is extremely responsive and helpful. Deciding to use TrackAbout’s asset tracking system was one of the best decisions we ever made.

In addition, we recently had our annual survey by The Joint Commission, and we were required to fully document where all of our equipment was located. Utilizing TrackAbout our staff was able to quickly pull this information and deliver everything that was asked of us. The surveyor was quite impressed with how fast we provided the information as they are used to it taking much longer, due to older processes being used.”

-Jan Hobbs, Clinical Manager, Respiratory Home Care / Sleep Center at Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center


Why is tracking returnable medical equipment so important?

TrackAbout gives you better control over your assets and greater visibility into your operations.

  • Track and manage medical equipment internally and at patients’ locations
  • Provide a proof of delivery including electronic signature capture, which is critical for CMS reimbursement
  • Automate employee workflow tasks to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and accreditation standards, as well as patients’ plan of care
  • Gain total maintenance visibility
  • Track the creation and distribution of medical lots
  • Identify all equipment at patient’s location at end of service
  • Find under-utilized equipment and overstocked locations

Learn more about how TrackAbout can streamline processes, help you operate more efficiently and reduce expenses.