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Are You Losing Money By Continually Replacing Your Valuable Gas Cylinder Fleet?

TrackAbout gas cylinder tracking software helps you manage your gas cylinders easily and effectively so you can reduce replacement costs, increase rental revenue and boost customer service.

With TrackAbout gas cylinder tracking software you can:

  • Reduce costs by having to replace fewer gas cylinders
  • Easily know the whereabouts of your entire cylinder fleet
  • Track gas cylinder use and loss and analysis statistics
  • Deploy your gas cylinder assets more effectively
  • Quickly identify missing cylinders
  • Record proof of delivery by capturing e-signatures

Real-World Problems

As a packaged gas distributor, you’re always looking for ways to remain competitive while complying with an increasing array of challenges, including pricing, global competition and government regulations. You also struggle with the stress of managing day-to-day operations. Issues like manual errors, billing mistakes, rental disputes and disappearing cylinders threaten the well-being of your company.

Because you sell a commodity that lacks differentiation, you don’t have much room to move on price. Instead, you need ways to increase efficiencies, reduce costs and provide exceptional customer service. Your existing enterprise solution has done a good job of managing your overall organization, but how well does it handle the heart of your business – your cylinder fleet?

A Real-Life Solution

TrackAbout was designed initially for gas distributors by gas industry experts who understand the nuances of your business. Advanced technology solves the real-world problems you encounter daily. Problems like duplicated cylinder serial numbers, missing scans, data entry mistakes, confusing delivered and returned cylinders, syncing mobile units out of sequence and invoices slipping through the cracks.

Gas Cylinder Tracking Software

TrackAbout gas cylinder tracking system software operates the way you do business, so there is no need to change your processes to suit the software. And it integrates easily with your existing business management system. Add-on modules address aspects of concern to your industry, such as:

  • Gas analysis
  • Certificates of analysis
  • Lot tracking
  • Gas use/loss
  • Bulk delivery
  • Tube trailer volume
  • DOT manifests
  • Pressure telemetry

Benefits of TrackAbout Gas Cylinder Tracking Solutions

TrackAbout’s gas cylinder tracking software meets the requirements of both small local gas distributors as well as the world’s most influential companies. Our clients are experiencing remarkable operational efficiencies and rental revenue growth. In fact, they typically realize a return on investment in less than one year.

Our versatile software works for a variety of industries and applications such as Beer Keg Tracking and more.

Cylinder Utilization

  • Purchase fewer new cylinders.
  • Know the location of your cylinders and how long they’ve been there.
  • Increase revenues by avoiding situations where your cylinders and equipment sits idle at customer sites.
  • Identify unused cylinders and equipment at one location so you can move them to another where the demand is higher.

Cylinder and Equipment Rental Management

  • Prevent customer disputes by maintaining accurate cylinder and equipment balances to ensure correct calculation of rental statements.
  • Save time and enhance customer service with flexible, easy-to-use tools that enable precise rental calculations and efficient invoicing processes.
  • Recover lost rental income by catching previously undercharged cylinders and equipment.

Cylinder and Equipment Maintenance Management

  • Record and track maintenance, inspection and testing as well as what work was performed and to which standards.
  • Ensure cylinders are operational and in safe working condition by identifying upcoming preventative maintenance through automated alerts.
  • Satisfy regulatory requirements with detailed maintenance documentation.
  • Establish step-by-step processes and procedures to follow for a given action.

Theft and Loss Prevention

  • Establish a chain of custody and promote accountability for all your cylinders.
  • Keep a current database of all cylinder serial or identification numbers to quickly identify missing equipment.
  • Record proof of delivery by recording e-signatures.
  • Detect customers who repeatedly “lose” your cylinders or equipment
  • Give proper credit to customers whose rented cylinder is returned by someone else.

Learn more about how TrackAbout can streamline processes, help you operate more efficiently and reduce expenses.