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Keg Tracking & Management

Keg Tracking & Management

Your keg inventory represents a substantial investment. Unfortunately, approximately six percent per year end up missing. How much does it cost you when a keg goes missing? How many extra kegs must you keep to account for the ones that are sitting empty at your distributors? Do you know how many are sitting empty at your distributors? Most likely, your day is consumed with brewing and marketing quality products and maintaining government regulated records. When do you have time to track down your kegs?

Gain Visibility and Control

TrackAbout is the affordable, cloud-based keg tracking software solution you need to track, manage, and maintain your kegs and equipment. Using barcodes or RFID tags, the keg tracking software system collects information with rugged handheld scanners, smartphones or tablets. With the TrackAbout keg tracking and asset management app, you’ll save money, work smarter and grow your business.

Theft Prevention

  • Establish a chain of custody and promote accountability for your kegs.
  • Record proof of delivery by recording e-signatures.
  • Identify potential theft with end-of-day delivery reconciliation.

Expiration Management

  • Rotate stock and reduce waste through automated product expiration notifications.
  • Improve customer satisfaction by eliminating the chance that beer goes stale before it’s sold.
  • Increase future sales by guaranteeing fresh product.
  • Eliminate the hassles of replacing expired product.

Benefits of TrackAbout Keg Tracking Apps

Keg Utilization

  • Reduce cycle times and improve production planning by knowing how long your kegs have been with each distributor.
  • Avoid situations where empty kegs sit with your distributors.
  • Purchase fewer replacement kegs by minimizing lost kegs.

Order Fulfillment

  • Improve accuracy and shorten the time it takes to load a truck with electronic verification of truck inventory versus orders.
  • Increase efficiency by replacing paper delivery tickets with electronic tickets.
  • Improve customer service by printing receipts at the point of delivery.

Keg and Equipment Maintenance

  • Record and track maintenance actions as well as what work was performed on kegs, brewing equipment and tap lines.
  • Ensure employees follow proper maintenance procedures with automated workflow management.
  • Guarantee equipment is operational and in safe working condition by identifying equipment with preventative maintenance due through automated alerts.
  • Satisfy regulatory requirements with detailed documentation.

Learn more about how TrackAbout's asset management app can streamline processes, help you operate more efficiently, and reduce expenses.