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TrackAbout Integration with Chempax by Datacor


TrackAbout has a pre-built integration with the business software Chempax by Datacor.

Who Built & Maintains the Integration?

This integration was built by Datacor and is maintained by Datacor.
The integration calls TrackAbout's standard, public APIs which are maintained by TrackAbout.

How It Works

When using this integration, your people use TrackAbout to scan returnable containers going to customers and coming back from customers.

Chempax calls out to TrackAbout when turning a Bill of Lading into an Invoice and in this process gets the container serial numbers from TrackAbout. This avoids having a person key serial numbers into Chempax.

More Info

More info about Datacor can be found on Datacor's website

Contact Us at TrackAbout for more info on this integration.