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Taking Control of their "Asset Universe"

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Indiana Oxygen Company is a gas and welding supply distributor based in Indianapolis, IN. They cater to nearly all industries that rely on cylinder gas and serve the entire state of Indiana and its neighboring markets. A family-owned and operated company, Indiana Oxygen is America's oldest gas and welding supply company. 

You don't get to be America's oldest gas and welding supply distributor by chance.

Indiana Oxygen's core values of honesty, integrity, and compassion matched with their mission to be the best in their marketplace earned them that spot. Their drive to remain at the forefront of their market and to better serve their customers led them to begin barcoding their rental assets in the first place, and ultimately to choosing TrackAbout to do it with.  

We spoke recently with Indiana Oxygen's Jay Brant, Vice President/CIO, and Mike Burke, MIS/MIT to get an idea of the progress and improvements they've seen over the past year using TrackAbout.  

Jay explained that when they began looking into asset tracking software, they had recently made the decision to switch to a new ERP, NetSuite, and one of their basic needs was a reliable system to handle rental assets that would work with the ERP.

Ultimately on a much larger scale, Indiana Oxygen wanted to take control of their "asset universe."  

They were looking to concentrate their efforts on known issues where asset tracking was concerned. Less than accurate record-keeping during cylinder exchanges made for unreliable paper billing, and ultimately led to a lack of trust between client and vendor. Mike pointed out that Indiana Oxygen also had no definitive way of knowing how many cylinders they were losing each year. He said this piece of information is important to financial institutions when it comes to lending money and seeing a return on investment.

Indiana Oxygen recognized that throughout their industry, asset tracking software was being utilized, but not many companies within their market were using it.

They realized this would be a selling point with their customers.

They had heard of our other clients' success stories and decided to take a closer look. Our compatibility with NetSuite, coupled with their desire to remain at the forefront of new technology within their market made the choice easy. Indiana Oxygen came to TrackAbout where we helped them bring their rental assets inline.  

After a year of using our software, the outcomes of this choice speak for themselves. 

  • Indiana Oxygen saw an overall increase in rental assets of 6%.
  • They recovered old cylinders from customers that were written off as lost.
  • Accurate tracking has cleared up billing issues and strengthened vendor-customer relations.
  • Indiana Oxygen now has accurate asset numbers to share with financial institutions, making lending easier, and strengthening those relationships.
  • Branch inventory audits are faster and done more frequently.
  • A huge improvement in handling medical cylinders, and adherence to FDA guidelines was made.
  • Did we mention the 6% increase in rental assets?  

Mike and Jay agreed the use of the software led to additional work on the backend, but with a surprising benefit.

It has brought their company processes into sharp focus, from production down to how the drivers record transactions. This mindful attention to detail is important to Indiana Oxygen in attaining their company mission of delivering the highest quality and service to their customers.  

Jay concluded, "People have to be really intentional about everything they do with our assets which really is a good thing because in the end that all funnels down to the end goal, and the whole reason we did this in the first place is having accurate cylinder balances, building trust with our customers, and as your [TrackAbout's] other testimonials have shown more accurate cylinder balances leads to more rental revenue."


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