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Manage Your Assets with TrackAbout Barcode Tracking Software

When it comes to tracking your assets, there are a variety of methods from which to choose. Typically, you can electronically monitor objects by barcode, RFID (radio frequency ID) or GPS. While each has their positives and drawbacks, we generally find that barcode inventory management software offers the best mix of affordability and robust efficiency.

TrackAbout provides dynamic barcode scanning applications for your smartphone, rugged, or fixed scanning device, putting you in control of your inventory’s movement while helping to protect your assets.

Once you affix barcodes to all of your assets, you will have the ability to monitor their movements, rent equipment, track maintenance, ensure regulatory compliance, enforce operating procedures through the TrackAbout application.

Benefits of Barcode Asset Tracking Systems in Inventory Management

Using barcodes to keep tabs on your items brings you a substantial number of advantages over other methods. Straightforward and efficient, barcodes give you flexibility to quickly scale upwards as opposed to tracking by paper or spreadsheet and have numerous benefits when compared to other ways of electronic tracking.

Why our customers typically choose barcode asset tracking:

Lower cost:

It is not a coincidence that barcodes are everywhere. Without a doubt, barcode tracking is the electronic real-time tracking method with the lowest cost. Some of the reasons why barcodes are an inexpensive option:

  • Barcodes are cheap to buy in bulk, costing usually around 7 cents each. This pricing compares favorably to the $1 to $3 cost for rugged metal-mount RFID tags and $150+ for GPS trackers
  • You have the option of providing your own printed barcodes or purchasing high-quality ones from TrackAbout that offer better UV light and chemical protection with superior adhesives
  • They can be scanned with virtually any device, including smartphones, tablets, rugged devices or keyboard scanners. With our smartphone app, you can easily scan barcodes with the instrument’s camera, saving even more versus the cost of buying a $1,500+ rugged scanning device
  • The reduced cost makes them attractive to use for lower-value items

Easy to use:

Barcodes are self-adhesive and can be attached to virtually any surface, making them the ideal choice when you have thousands of objects for which you need to keep track. Barcode asset tracking can easily be applied in the field, negating the need to bring the assets to a central location for modifications.


You will not be tied to any particular hardware with barcodes, as opposed to RFID which rely on specialized equipment to read their signals. Barcodes can be one- or two-dimensional, human-readable, Datamatrix or QR codes.

Barcodes are fast:

Even when using the consumer-grade cameras found on most smartphones and tablets, barcode scanning can very quickly gather electronic data. They are not as fast as RFID, but they can be pretty close.

They reduce human error:

When compared to the manual tracking of objects in your inventory, using barcode asset tracking software can eliminate human error as you capture the data electronically.


Brand your barcode with your company’s logo for both recognition and identity.

While barcodes have numerous advantages over other tracking methods, they are not without drawbacks. Some of the disadvantages of using barcodes include:

  • A line of sight to the asset is required, which can make scanning tightly packed or stacked objects harder than when using RFID technology
  • A human operator must orient and scan each object individually which can have an impact on productivity
  • You can print your own very low quality barcodes and that can undermine your project. For that reason, TrackAbout recommends approving the quality of your barcodes if you elect to supply your own

Despite these disadvantages, using barcodes for your an asset management system to monitor your returnable assets is the simplest and most flexible, efficient and cost-effective method for administering your property. Whether you have a few items to track or thousands, barcodes can be a highly effective way of knowing where they are.

When used in conjunction with the robust TrackAbout system, you will have at your fingertips all the tools you need to protect your assets.

TrackAbout has over 15 years of experience helping companies manage asset bases of all sizes. The software works with barcodes, RFID, and GPS tracking across a broad range of devices. Contact us for a demo to learn how you can bring order to your constantly-moving inventory.