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Believe in the Power of Storytelling

Evidenced by stories told at All Team Meetings regarding customer interaction and feedback. This allows our entire team to have primary data regarding the customer’s experience with TrackAbout. Everyone gets to feel good about pleasing the customer.

Work with Great Passion and Enthusiasm

We have developed legends at TrackAbout regarding the energy and determination it took to keep going in the early development stages of the company. This energy continues to perpetuate with new associates who often cite the passion that they see demonstrated in interviews as a key reason they decide to work here.

Celebrate Problem Solving

We have instituted a “Problem Solver Award” that documents and memorializes problem solving efforts that become celebrated examples of ingenuity and energy. There is also an appreciation for the “real world” of our customers. We know the problems our clients face so we get very good at creating methods to have our service recover when things go wrong and fix things permanently wherever we can.

Foster a Fun and Friendly Atmosphere

Work can and should be fun. We don’t want a stuffy company because it doesn’t serve the creative process. You should laugh at work. Often.

No Egos & No Yelling

Leave your ego at the door. The TrackAbout Chairman is actively involved in daily operations. Our CEO is a salesperson who goes onsite to do rental implementations and talks with customers to get their direct feedback. Our organizational chart is very flat. Most importantly we frown upon raising our voices when conversing with one another. Laughter is the only loud noise you hear coming from our mouths.