TrackAbout is a flexible, scalable, cloud-based asset tracking and management solution founded in 2000 by gas industry visionaries and technology experts who recognized that gas distributors could achieve substantial benefits by managing their businesses with more efficiency. 

Over the years, our customer base has grown to include companies that manage home medical equipment, chemical containers, rental equipment and beer kegs. Several universities use TrackAbout to track a variety of assets that move within their sites, while maintenance facilities track activities performed to equipment. Essentially, any company that manages portable physical assets would be a match for TrackAbout.

Through an active relationship with our customer base, which includes world-class organizations in 11 countries, TrackAbout evolved into the leading solution to track, manage, maintain and optionally rent portable physical assets.  With agility and technical creativity we respond quickly to changing environments and industry needs.

In 2012, TrackAbout spun out a new cloud application service in order to answer increasing market demands for intelligent assets and connected data networks. While TrackAbout focuses on the tracking, rental and management of portable assets, Lockhouse provides an asset registry that connects disparate data systems in order to create a more efficient information exchange between supply chain partners.  To learn more about Lockhouse, visit