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TrackAbout regularly puts out new features and improves existing ones. Below are some of the changes in the most current software release:

  • New Feature: Create Production Work Orders in TrackAbout
  • New Feature: Proof of Delivery for iOS/Android
  • New Feature: Lot Generation for Racks/Manifolds
  • New Feature: Email Lease Renewals
  • Enhancement: Changes to Balance Changes Details
  • Enhancement: Updates to the Customer Rental Dashboard
  • Enhancement: Faster Loading Web Pages
  • Enhancement: Allowing Longer Tracking Numbers to Display on TAM6
  • Fix - Split Assets with Analysis Records
  • Fix - Current Inventory treats Volume as integer instead of decimal

If you have questions about how you can start using any of these new features, please reach out to our Support team at support@trackabout.com.

New Feature: Create and Manage Production Work Orders in TrackAbout

In TrackAbout, Production Work Orders are orders used to tell an operator what products and quantities need to be prepared or filled by a certain date.  These orders will be updated as operators work on them, and when the work order is complete it will be closed.  Creating and managing Production Work Orders in TrackAbout allow for fewer error and more efficient process by removing the paperwork, phone calls, walkietalkie messaging to let your production staff know there's work to be done.

Until this release, TrackAbout could only accept Production Work Orders via interface with an external system.  Now users can create their own Work Orders from the TrackAbout website.  Check out our Work Orders page to see how it works. 

This new feature is available to TrackAbout clients currently using Work Orders.  If you’d like more information about this process, please contact TrackAbout Support.

New Feature: Proof of Delivery for iOS/Android (TAM7)

It's here!  TrackAbout's Proof of Delivery Module allows drivers and dock worker to record deliveries to customers without starting with a paper copy of the order.  After deliveries are complete, the data can be sent back to your business system.  Now, this module is available for iOS and Android devices.   Read the Proof of Delivery page to learn more about the module and contact TrackAbout Support or your TrackAbout Sales Representative if you'd like to enable this module.


New Feature: Lot Generation for Racks/Manifolds

TrackAbout now supports using rack/manifold information when automatically generating the lot number for our customers.  

This enhancement will only affect customers who use lot number generation and who would like their pattern to include the rack/manifold.  If you’d like to do so, please contact TrackAbout Support.  If you’d like more information on how TrackAbout can automatically generate lot numbers during a fill action in TAM6 or TAM7, refer to our  Lot Number Tracking wiki page.

New Feature: Email Lease Renewals

TrackAbout clients using our Rental Module will be excited to hear that TrackAbout now supports emailing lease renewal forms to customers with expiring leases.  This will make it easier and faster than faxing or sending paper lease renewal notices.  Clients can create a Lease Renewal with the help of TrackAbout Support and should refer to the  Asset Agreement Renewal Template to learn how it works. 


Enhancement: Changes to Balance Changes Details

A customer's Balance Changes Detail page displays the types of assets that have been delivered to or returned from the customer within a period of time. TrackAbout now supports consistently showing the starting balance as of a certain search date for selected product codes on the Balance Changes Details page.  Previously users were unable to see starting balances unless they searched back far enough in time to when balances were uploaded.

In addition, TrackAbout now indicates when a Delivery is not an even exchange with the symbol (+/-).  For even exchanges, there will be no symbol (+/-).

Finally, TrackAbout has added the capability to expand/collapse individual records as well as doing so through a single click:

Enhancement: Changes to the Customer Rental Dashboard

TrackAbout Rental Customers... do you have the Customer Rental Dashboard enabled?  This feature provides a summary display of an individual customer's info relating to their rental activity.  TrackAbout has been modifying and enhancing the Rental Dashboard over the last few releases:

  • All categories in the Rental Settings section now contain links to take you directly to each respective rental setting
  • The Rental Balances display now contains links to take you directly to the Balance Changes Details report for the clicked Asset Type


These enhancements only apply to TrackAbout clients using our Rental Module.  Read more about the Customer Rental Dashboard and contact support if you want this enabled.

Enhancement: Faster Loading Web Pages

We're making web pages load faster. We have adopted the use of a Content Distribution Network (CDN) to speed up delivery of web page parts.

Every web page you load in a browser is actually made up of dozens (sometimes hundreds) of other files. These can be images, fonts, JavaScript, style sheets, and more. Most of these kinds of files do not change from page to page as you navigate a site like TrackAbout.

All those parts need to be downloaded to the browser. Requesting them all from a single server creates a bottleneck.

Instead of fetching these parts from TrackAbout's web server, the browser will now fetch them from server caches all over the globe.

The result should be that pages load more quickly, as certain parts of every page will be served from servers as close to you as possible.

IMPORTANT: If your IT department enforces white-listing of specific web sites, please direct them to this page which lists the endpoints that need to be white-listed.

Enhancement: Displaying Longer Tracking Numbers on TAM6

Due to space limitation in TAM6, TrackAbout does not display the entire tracking number (barcode/tag) but instead showed only the end of the number.  This was a problem for customers with long barcodes that have standard starting patterns.

On the majority of screens where tracking numbers are displayed, TrackAbout now truncates from the start in order to show the end of the tracking number.  For those tracking numbers that have been truncated, TrackAbout shows a “…” at the beginning of the tracking number to demonstrate that it has been truncated.

Below is an example of how a truncated display would look:

Fix - Split Asset History

Previously, users could not split an asset's history without TrackAbout Support assistance if the history contained an Analysis record.  This limitation has been removed and users can now split these assets.  This fix affects all TrackAbout users.

Fix – Current Inventory treats volume as integer instead of a decimal

Prior to this fix, when viewing assets' volumes on the Current Inventory report, values containing decimals were being incorrectly displayed as an integer.  Now, TrackAbout will store volumes with two decimal places.  This fix affects all TrackAbout users.