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Every company is unique. You should have the power to build a tracking system to fit your individual processes. TrackAbout gives you the tools to do it. 

TrackAbout’s Dynamic Workflow on TAMobile 7 (Android and iOS) allow you to customize your TrackAbout mobile app in the ways that work for your business.


  • Get rid of Paperwork
  • Track records linked to GPS locations to help validate information
  • Decrease human error in workflows and data entry 

With the help of your TrackAbout Support Team, Dynamic Workflows allow you to create new and unique actions to pair with custom screens for data collection.  Here are some examples of how TrackAbout customers are using Dynamic Workflows:

Maintenance Tracking 

Define a specific workflow, or set of steps that your maintenance staff should perform for each type of maintenance for each type of asset. Track the maintenance status of your assets such as “requires inspection”, “damaged”, “in maintenance” and “ready for use”

Here you can see how a custom inspection process might look:

     Start the Maintenance Action                          Pick the maintenance actions being performed                    Collect data on customer form  



  • Go to the website to view reports of maintenance performed on your assets or to see the maintenance history of a single asset.
  • Set a date for when the next maintenance is due for an asset or setup a schedule for periodic maintenance for a kind of assets.
  • Track the maintenance status of your assets and block an asset from being used when it is flagged as needing a repair.

Generic Actions and Dynamic Forms

Generic Actions give you the flexibility of creating workflows based on your unique business needs.  Choose whether you want to

  • Scan assets or simply capture custom data linked to a date and map location.
  • Include selecting information such as product codes,ownership, location, and/or usestate
  • Configure any combination of dynamic forms and fields such as:
    • Drop down lists
    • Radio button
    • Check boxes
    • Notes fields

Here are some ways businesses are using Generic Actions and Dynamic Forms.

  • Driver / Technician Check-in : Set up an action so that your remote employees have a way to check in and out when working delivery routes and job sites.



Then from the website, review the actual location captured during the action.


  • Compliance: Get rid of production paperwork needed for regulation and compliance. Here’s an example of a Pre Fill Inspection:

  • Denied Entry : Identify locations you weren’t permitted to access during Customer Audits. This is helpful when working with University, government or healthcare customers who may limit access to certain locations within their facilities.



All Generic Actions are automatically configured to capture GPS coordinates upon record save.  See exactly where your users were at the time the action was completed.



Reach out to your TrackAbout Sales Representative, sales@trackabout.com or our Support Team support@trackabout.com for pricing and more information.