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TrackAbout regularly puts out new features and improves existing ones. Here is a brief summary of the latest changes to expect in the release expected to be in production within the next month:

*Items may need subscriptions through separate modules

New TrackAbout TAM7 features Added:

  • Dynamic Forms support new data types (*Requires Dynamic Workflow)
    • Calculated Fields
    • Decimals
    • Record Notes
    • Radio Button
    • Time Stamps
    • Signatures
    • View Only fields
  • New support for Generic Action  (*Requires Dynamic Workflow)
    • Customers
    • Lot Numbers
    • Volume Entry
  • Can be created for Follow-On Tracking users  (*Requires Follow-On Tracking)
  • Registration of Bulk Tanks (Android and iOS) (*Requires Bulk Delivery)
  • Product Code Generation supported during Registration/Add New
  • Support for Asset Family Shortcut Barcodes
  • Support for preventing non-registered assets from being added to Locate/Set Asset Location records
  • Online validation is already stopping unregistered assets from being added to records like Filling, Replace Barcode.  Users will see an ‘Asset Not Found' message.
  • Zebra RFID device support - TrackAbout now supports TAM7 (Android) scanning with Zebra RFIDs devices; TC-20 and RFD8500

TrackAbout Website Changes:

  • Asset Balance page now properly excludes Exchange Types when needed
  • Historical Customer Audits are now sorted to show newest at the top of list
  • TrackAbout Activity Report and TrackAbout Fill Report not properly display records which only contain Not-Scanned assets

If you would like to add any of these new features or have questions about how to use them please contact your TrackAbout Support team at support@trackabout.com