Powerful Asset Tracking Already in the Palm of Your Hand

TrackAbout continues to break down barriers to total asset control. Often, the cost of rugged handheld computers deters a company from purchasing them for all the employees who could use them. As a result, asset tracking information is limited to a few select people. Our smartphone application extends asset tracking capabilities to every employee with an Android or iOS device, enabling a more mobile workforce.
TrackAbout works simultaneously on smartphones, tablets and rugged handhelds so you can outfit employees with the device that best suits their needs. While a rugged handheld makes sense for workers in an industrial environment, equipping other employees with the smartphone app improves efficiency and enables collection of more complete and accurate data.
  • Sales reps can conduct an audit at small customers during a routine visit.
  • Audit teams can complete larger customer audits faster and more often without tying up rugged handhelds.
  • Any employee can capture proof of delivery when making an emergency delivery.
  • Any employee can view an asset’s history and details.

Key Functions

  • Add new assets to the TrackAbout database
  • Search for an asset in the TrackAbout database
  • Assign assets to internal or branch locations
  • Deliver or return assets with electronic signature capture
  • Customize any pre-built workflow with additional screens to meet your requirements 
  • Record maintenance, inspection and testing actions performed 
  • Track assets on delivery trucks as they are loaded and unloaded
  • Enter orders for deliveries and pickups

Key Features

  • Fast, continuous mode barcode scanning - see it for yourself
  • Offline mode saves data until a cellular connection is available
  • Available for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets


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