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Many industrial gas distributors find it difficult to quantify how much product loss they experience.  But without an accurate gas cylinder monitoring system, they have no idea of how much money they’re losing.

With the TrackAbout Product Usage Reporting module you can create reports showing the amount of gas that goes into the products you sell.  For example, say Product Code A represents gas cylinders filled with 1,200 SCF (standard cubic feet) of argon and 75 SCF of helium.  If you filled 10 cylinders of Product Code A last month, you can calculate that you should have used 1,200 x 10 = 12,000 SCF of argon and 75 x 10 = 750 SCF of helium.  You can use these numbers to compare against the raw materials that you received over that same time frame (i.e. bulk argon/helium/oxygen/etc.) and begin to calculate how much product might be getting lost in the fill process and/or storage.

Calculating this number is beneficial in three ways.  First, knowing your product loss aids in keeping accurate accounting records and provides a true picture of your financial status.  Second, comparing product loss measurements over time helps you keep tabs on operations and determine if employees are making mistakes during the fill process.  Product usage analytics software also helps identify possible valve leakage. Finally, you can be sure you optimize delivery from your suppliers.