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What are dynamic forms?

The TrackAbout Dynamic Forms module is a flexible way to collect customizable data from a mobile device. This module generally is used to replace paper forms or other systems with electronic data collection in TrackAbout and aids in reducing or eliminating the costs associated with physical paperwork and the manual errors that can occur when gathering data in the field, such as:

  • Incomplete forms
  • No validation of input
  • Illegible handwritten entries
  • Time consuming changes
  • Difficulty collecting from remote locations
  • Space requirements for physical storage
  • No time stamping
  • Lost forms that are not backed up
  • Lack of enforcement for steps to be done in a specific sequence
  • Collected data is not in a place where it can be used for reporting

When business procedures or needs change, updates can be made quickly and distributed upon synchronization of the mobile device with the application website. Form automation software also ensures that current versions are used throughout your organization, even at remote locations.

Efficient Workflow Capabilities

Dynamic form builders help improve efficiency by streamlining and simplifying business processes. Form automation software with automated task sequencing eliminates unnecessary steps, increases worker compliance with defined operating procedures and standardizes workflows yielding to improved process control. This process consistency leads to better customer service due to greater predictability in levels of response to customers.

Electronic Approvals

Routing paper documents for approval is time consuming and inefficient. Online electronic approvals speed up the process by enabling management to quickly sign off on processes and transactions that require verification. This promotes consistency because the approval procedures are defined and automated. Furthermore, TrackAbout records every transaction related to an asset and creates an audit trail that can be retrieved at a later date if necessary.

Regulatory Compliance

Detailed and accurate records of production and maintenance processes, quality analyses, safety inspections, driver duties and similar activities often are required for compliance with government or accreditation agency regulations. Misplaced log sheets, missing approvals and unrecorded or forgotten procedures can lead to failed inspections, fines, facility closings or other costly penalties. Dynamic Forms collects the information you need on an ongoing basis and stores it safely to ensure that required documents can be supplied to regulators at a moment’s notice.

Functions and Features

Simple Form Creation

  • No code required
  • No developer time required; created by TrackAbout support team

Data Entry Authentication

  • Check boxes, dropdown menus, radio buttons, text entry field ensure data is entered properly
  • Electronic approval with signature capture field
  • Automatic time-stamping of data collected by the handheld scanner
  • Ability to set up validation patterns for data entered in text entry fields (e.g. when a user must enter three letters followed by five numbers)
  • Ability to set limits for numeric entries (e.g. when a number entered must be between 2 and 13)

Enhanced Workflow

  • Workflow screens ensure users follow the correct steps and capture important data
  • Supervisors can monitor workflow to identify and address issues related to worker productivity or asset maintenance

Regulatory Compliance

  • Online storage of electronic signatures for future verification
  • Unbiased third-party data credibility to inspectors
  • Record information can be printed or verified online by inspectors