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Companies manufacturing materials such as chemicals and industrial gases are required to provide evidence that their products are of a certain quality and purity.  A CofA (certificate of analysis) summarizes all testing performed on the referenced product or material demonstrating its acceptance against certain specifications. Each certificate is unique to the product or material shipped and all testing results should fall within the appropriate control limits.  Suppliers are expected to show validation and traceability of the results on the CofA, if requested.

The TrackAbout Certificate of Analysis module is an electronic CofA that eliminates the need to send paper CofAs to end user customers. Certificate of Analysis software enables you to meet customer demand for product quality data electronically and eliminate many of the manual activities currently performed by sales and customer service teams. The module provides two options for supplying CofAs:

  1. Link to download the CofA that is stored in an external system, or
  2. Use TrackAbout to store the CofA generated by another system.