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If you have returnable containers or equipment that you want to track…
TrackAbout is probably a fit for your business.

TrackAbout was designed to track the movement and maintenance of reusable assets. These assets are valuable to your business and often require ongoing maintenance.

Examples of returnable, reusable assets include the following:

  • Gas cylinders
  • Chemical totes and containers
  • Tools and construction equipment
  • Durable medical equipment
  • Returnable packaging
  • Rental equipment
  • Beer kegs
  • Roll-off containers

TrackAbout was designed to track assets as they move to different locations.

The assets commonly move among:

  • Customers
  • Internal locations
  • Trucks
  • Vendors
  • Job sites
  • Technicians or other internal users of the assets

TrackAbout keeps your business in compliance by tracking maintenance and inspections.

If you’ve used inventory management, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or other business management software you know that it only tells part of the story when it comes to reusable assets. If you’re frustrated with needing to rely on spreadsheets (or paper) to track individual assets, maintenance schedules or compliance information… you’re in the right place. TrackAbout eliminates the need for “workarounds” and tracks all information related to your reusable assets in once place.

TrackAbout also provides tracking capabilities beyond barcodes.

TrackAbout captures signatures, proof of delivery to customer, maintenance history, and much more. Our customers find that barcodes are the most economical and efficient way to track assets. But if you need RFID or GPS TrackAbout can help you here too.

If you buy and sell inventory, and never see it again…
TrackAbout is not a fit.

If you only need to track inventory of identical assets that you sell and never see again then TrackAbout is not a fit. You likely need an inventory management system or warehouse management system. Most accounting/business system software is already good at tracking inventory that you sell to customers.

If you have a mix of both reusable assets and one-way inventory then TrackAbout is possibly still a good fit. Most of our customers have some kind of a mix.