Roll-off container in need of asset tracking

Roll-offs (aka roll-off containers or dumpsters) represent a substantial capital investment for waste haulers. If you’re using a manual check-in/check-out system, you know how time consuming and error prone it can be. Employees can forget to record important information like serial numbers, location and quantity delivered. This causes equipment to be easily forgotten or lost. And if you’re collecting rent on these containers, you could be undercharging your customers.

How to track dumpsters  and roll-off containers effectively 

Roll-Off Container tracking
Roll off container tracking with smartphone
TrackAbout is an affordable, cloud-based software system that uses barcodes and smartphones to track, manage and rent roll-off containers. It provides control over your dumpsters and greater visibility into your operations.
  • Know the location of your containers and dumpsters and how long they’ve been there
  • Automate and simplify rental calculations
  • Increase revenues by avoiding situations where your containers sit idle at customer sites
  • Eliminate delivery paperwork and capture electronic signatures for proof of delivery
  • Purchase fewer new containers by deploying the existing fleet more effectively
Fun Fact: In some countries, a roll-off is called a wheelie bin, skip or frontloader container.

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