TrackAbout’s Roll-Off Container Tracking Software is a cloud-based system for tracking roll-off containers. Using barcodes and smartphones, TrackAbout enables you to track the location and history of your bins.

Industries benefiting from the TrackAbout platform include:

  • Dumpster Rental
  • Waste Management
  • Recycling
  • Construction
  • Environmental services

How Does it Work?

The high-level steps are :

1. Put barcode labels on your bins

2. Scan barcodes using a TrackAbout mobile app when you drop off a bin

3. Manage bins from a browser

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 What it does and does not do

What it Does

  • Allow your people to scan bins using a smartphone when they drop them off or pick them up.
  • Capture proof of delivery including: GPS coordinates, timestamp and customer signature
  • Map of all bins (as of the last time you scanned them)
  • Show how long each bin has been with each customer. Find bins that are overdue.
  • Discourage theft
  • Allows you to control what users can see and do in the system.

What it Does NOT Do

  • Locate stolen bins
  • Bill customers
  • Track trucks
  • Route drivers to bins
  • Show a map of bins from the smartphone app. You must go to the website to see these maps. 
Barcode Labels

Barcode Labels

  • TrackAbout will sell you barcode labels and ship them to you when you sign-up.
  • Two identical labels go on each roll-off container
  • Each label has a scannable QR Code Barcode and a printed number
    • Both the QR Code and printed number are the same
    • If a user can’t scan the barcode he can key in the number
    • Both contain a ‘check digit’ which prevents the system from taking in an incorrect entry.
  • The barcodes are industrial strength
    • Rated for 7 years of outside use in direct sun
    • Strong material resistant to tearing
    • Permanent adhesive for attaching to painted metal in hot and cold climates
  • Labels are 2.7 inches x 3.5 inches (6.8cm x 8.8cm)
 Barcode Label Placement

Barcode Label Placement

  • Place 2 identical label stickers on each roll-off container
  • Place where they are easy for the driver to scan
TrackAbout App

Download the TrackAbout Mobile App

  • Scanning is done from TrackAbout’s mobile app
  • It works on Android and Apple devices
  • The app is free to download, but you will need a paid TrackAbout subscription to get a login to use it
  • Download the app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store
  • Both phones and tablets are supported
  • If your devices were purchased in the last 3 years, then you should not have any problems. A more complete description of supported devices can be found here.
Scan Using the Mobile App

Scan Using the Mobile App

  • The app will use the device’s camera to scan
  • Every scan will also collect
    • GPS position on a map
    • Timestamp
    • Person logged into the device
When to Scan Roll offs

When to Scan

  • Use the app to initially register each bin
  • Scan each bin every time you move it
  • Register bin
    • Used to link a barcode to a bin’s size and serial number. Only done once for each bin
  • Delivery/Pickup
    • Used to exchange bins with a customer
  • Set location
    • Used to drop off a bin at an internal location.
  • Dump
    • Record the weight dumped (optional)
  • Change barcode
    • Used if the barcodes on a bin must be replaced. This keeps the history together for this bin even after the barcode changes.
Roll-Off Tracking Website

Roll-Off Tracking Website

  • You access your data from TrackAbout’s secure website
  • You will get a login to the website once you sign up
  • You can create as many other users as you want
Asset Map

View Dumpsters on a Map

  • View the last scan location of each of your bins on a map
  • Zoom in and out to the right level of detail
Asset History

Asset History

  • See this history of scans for each dumpster
  • If a bin is damaged, you can see which customer previously had it
Inventory Reporting

Inventory Reporting

  • Run reports on the website to see your dumpster inventory
  • Limit to just dumpsters of a certain size
  • Find dumpsters that have been at a customer for more than a given number of days
  • Save a set of parameters so that you can more quickly run the same report in the future.
 Digital Proof of Delivery/Pickup

Digital Proof of Delivery/Pickup

  • View an electronic record for each roll-off scan
  • Prove to a customer where and when a delivery or pickup happened
  • Each delivery will have:
    • A system-generated date and time stamp
    • A GPS coordinate shown on a map
    • The scans of the barcode on the bin
    • The user who did the scanning
View Customer Balance

View Customer Balance

  • View a report of all of the roll-off containers with a customer
  • View the number of days each bin has been with a customer
  • Click into delivery records for more details on a delivery
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