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Most industries deliver their goods in disposable or ‘one-way’ packaging including cardboard boxes and other low-cost containers. But for some industries, one-way packaging is not good enough. For these industries, a more rugged and expensive package is needed. This returnable container management includes racks, stands, totes, drums, cylinders, kegs, bins and other kinds of returnable assets. This more expensive package is valuable enough that the package is brought back, inspected and then used again and again. This is returnable packaging and it comes with its own set of challenges.

Since these assets are not rental equipment, oftentimes customers don’t care about the packaging. Customers care about the goods being sold to them. Once they get the goods, they will push the packaging off to the side and just try to get it out of the way. This can be a real problem for the supplier and for returnable container management. The supplier has a lot of capital tied up in the fleet of returnable packaging. If this fleet is sitting idle at customer sites then more capital is needed to buy even more containers. In some industries, the returnable packaging is even worth more than its contents.

TrackAbout offers returnable packaging tracking software designed to let you keep track of your expensive packaging to ensure their safe return. You will maximize the use of your existing fleet of containers with returnable container management, and spend much less time chasing them down and much less money buying new containers.

Returnable Packaging Tracking Software

Our cloud-based returnable container tracking software uses barcode technology to help you keep track of your returnable inventory by way of a smartphone, tablet or rugged handheld scanner. Through customizable forms, you will be able to:

  • Generate reports of your tracking activity to help you evaluate asset and returnable container management
  • Find assets that have been at customers sites too long
  • Track delivery and return of property with electronic signature capture and GPS coordinates
  • View full inventories of your returnable packaging both internally, on trucks and at customers.Keep track of maintenance records and determine which assets are not available for current use

Returnable Packaging Tracking Benefits

When you ship your goods using stands and containers costing hundreds or thousands of dollars each, all too often the customer puts them aside and forgets about them, making them easily lost and sometimes stolen. With TrackAbout, your people can much more easily stay on top of getting your returnable packaging back.

The benefits of using TrackAbout returnable package tracking include:

  • Know what packaging you have and what state it is in so that you can use existing packaging to its fullest before purchasing new packaging
  • Giving you complete control over the movement and maintenance of your assets
  • Not having to invest in expensive scanning equipment – the system works with existing smartphones and tablets

TrackAbout’s asset tracking system saves you time and money and lets you get the most out of your existing assets. Contact us to learn how the software can protect your investment.